Hillcrest 3 Stories


                     OK .......... I found  that I have added 57 stories to the
         HILLCREST 2   page. So I think I should start another page. 
         These are not all stories about Hillcrest, but stories that I wrote
         while at Hillcrest. 


                      SOLITAIRE by GeorgieBoy

      Again ....... without much to do....... I find myself playing solitaire a lot.
It's such an  easy game to play on my little Amazon tablet. I found that if
I make the right choices, I can win more often........ So I decided to keep
track of my wins and losses and see exactly what difference my choices
    So here are the results of my great scientific study. In about one month,
I had played it 1023 times ........ winning 608 games and losing 445.
Winning 60% of the games.         However..... when I first started this study,
I was only winning 46% and at the end, I was winning 79%........ So after
completing this study ....... This is what I learned.
      The way to win this game is to uncover all the hidden cards in the 7
stacks and each card I move must contribute to that purpose. I don't
make a move unless it will somehow contribute to uncovering a hidden
stack card because I will run out of cards in the deck, contributing to a
lost game.  I apply this rule to all the cards from 9 down. I play the 10s , 
 jacks, queens, and kings whenever I can.
      Of course When I'm playing this solitaire on my little tablet, I can
undue as many moves as I like, and try different choices to see which
choice works best.
     I always place any card in the four aces stack whenever I can and
sometimes withdraw them if I need them in a stack.
     I'm proud of myself winning 79% of the games I play.
     Now ............ After reading this and thinking about it a while....... I'm
amazed at ho playing a game like this is so much like everything I'm
doing in my life. I have no control over the situations I face throughout
my life ...... Just like I have no control over how the cards are stacked in
this game.
     In each case, I have to do the best I can with the choices I make..
Even though, As I've written so many stories about ...... I have no control
over my choices.



      My sister. Audrey, and I were recently talking about our trusts, and 
were reminded of what happened to our parent's trust. So of course I 
need to write this little story about it.
      My Dad's accountant, who helped him with business matters, told
him that he needed to put his property and money into a trust ..... so that's
what he did. And all six of us kids were the beneficiaries of the trust ........
Oh Boy ....... Lots of money for us to play with....
     Well .... When our Dear Mother passed. and left dad alone and 
lonesome in his mid seventies. Poor dad seemed completely lost ..... but 
then ....along came Pearl. Pearl was a nice friendly lady, and just what 
he needed.
      After living with Pearl a few years, Dad wanted to include Pearl in the 
trust. So he asked his long time attorney friend, Burdet, about it. Burdet
was a well known attorney in town, and a big shot in our church and well 
respected. He promptly took care of Dad's wishes.  How he did it, is what
this story is about.
      After Dad passed away we found out that instead of amending Dad's 
trust to include Pearl, Burdet drew up a will that included Pearl and the 
will completely did away with the trust........ Now ..... guess what attorney 
got to probate the will and collect the five percent probate fee.
      We found that we were not beneficiaries of a trust. We had to pay
many thousands of dollars in state and federal inheritance taxes plus
Burdet's five percent.
      I think Burdet was just doing his best to .... Make America Great Again


               LIFE AND WELLNESS .... for us Oldies

     I recently read an article in the Hillcrest Happenings newsletter that 
really hit home for me. This was written by a guy named Ryan Harrison,
who is a big shot here at Hillcrest and not one of us oldies ....... But what 
surprised me was .....that he seemed to have a perfect sense of
what it's like to be old.
     Ryan had four suggestions for us....... He called them .......
                   4 Uncomfortable Deeds That Really Pay Off

1 ... Meditate ....Think about what you're doing and what you want.
2 ... Volunteer .... Makes you feel good to be of some value in this world.
3 ... Talk to Strangers ....You never know what a few kind words can do.
4 ... Bite Your Tongue .... Be careful ... Some words can be hurtful.

       After thinking about it, I realized that I was already doing all four of
them ..... or at least trying. Now I'm realizing that even tho I'm living in this 
almost worthless old body and can barely see orhear  or do anything at all 
..... I can still be happy if I follow Ryan's four suggestions...... 

                        THE PASSOVER

        Today is Good Friday and my calendar also says it is the start of the
Passover.  This brings to my mind a little story that I will forever remember.
      When I was a teenager, living in So. Pomona. there was a nice Jewish
family living next door to us and we became well acquainted with them and
their kids. 
      There was a time each year .... I think it was the Passover  when their
 religion would not allow then to start a fire. Striking a match to light a 
candle or a burner on the kitchen stove was considered starting a fire so
during this time, they  would ofte n call over to us and one of us .......
usually me ..... would go over and  strike a match to light the burner on
their kitchen stove.
      At that time, I felt fortunate that I could start a fire any time I wanted.
But now, I'm thinking about the demands our religions make on us.
As the following story tells.
 ------------------------------   ------------------
       My good friend Louie was a devout Catholic and was a long time
member of our  Pomona Breakfast Lions club. We met on Fridays and
he would always have to order a special breakfast because he steadfastly
refused to eat meat on Fridays which his  church considered a mortal sin.
      After many years of this routine, somebody, high-up in the Catholic 
Church decided  to make a change and said .... " OK everybody....It's not 
 mortal sin anymore.....  You can all eat meat on Friday "....
      Well........Poor Louie...He was very upset and felt like they had made
a fool of him.  He quit the church completely...Never set foot there again.
 He did however, contribute  generously and upon his death, was given
the usual high mass funeral.



Albert Einstein said "Each of my  posessions but a stone around my Neck"
How True......I watch those TV shows about hoarding and can well
relate to hoarding. Helen and I never had stuff stacked from floor to ceiling
in every room because our house had so many rooms, plus a five car
garage and two extra storage buildings on the property. But all the
wardrobes, closets, and cupboards in the house, the extra space in the
garages, the shelves and space in the storage buildings were full of stuff
we accumulated over our sixty-five years together.
      After my Dear Helen started that horrible dementia trip, we considered
moving to Hillcrest,.....a nice senior community where two of my sisters
were already living, But we just could not handle the trauma of parting with
our stuff.... Why are we so attached to
our stuff? ......I think it's the memories that go along with the stuff.
      When Helen left me alone with our little dog, Ozzy, I would have to
say that Ozzy and I had absolutely no use for 98 percent of the stuff.
A couple years later. my kids moved me into Hillcrest ...... and that was
the end of the 98 percent.
      I remember reading an article in the Hillcrest Happenings newsletter
about how the burden of posessions can prevent us oldies from having
a happy and fulfilling life in our later years.
      It can be a useless and boring life after losing your lifetime partner,
 and even more so after losing your stuff, But I think I found the secret,
      I need to find something to
keep myself busy ...... like writing stories such as this one.



        Here at Hillcrest, it seems as if everybody loves to sing and I am 
continually entertained by different groups of singers. About a year ago,
I was invited to make a video of the Hillcrest men's quartet as they
practiced in the chapel.
      I don't know much about singing but I am amazed at how well
these guys keep together with perfect harmony and pitch. I really
enjoyed their performance and made a little youtube video of it.













 My sister, Audrey. told me that she had recently written her own obituary and
 I told her that I had written mine a long time ago. (It's on the Hillcrest 2 page)
 This reminded me of the time when I had to write Dear Helen's obituary and I
 agonized over every word of it.  In remembrance of my dear wife, I thought I
 should have it on my website.

               DEAR  HELEN'S  OBITUARY 

       Helen Streit came into this world Aug.27,1926 and passed from it Sept.4,2012.
After several years of uncertainty she was diagnosed with vascular dementia in
Feb.2008 and from then on she progressed in the usual manor of that disease.
During these years of downhill progression her friends and family With love and 
compassion did what they could to help with her mood swings and desires at home,
but on Jan.6,2012, placed her into Hillcrest, Woods nursing home`where she
continued to decline. 
      She is survived by her husband of 67 years; three children; Barney Streit,
Terri Streit, and Wendy Weiser; one grandson; Todd Weiser; and a siater, Frieda 
Cook; and many nieces and nephews and their families.
      Helen was born to Philip and Mollie Herzog in Fresno,Ca. and graduated from 
Fresno Central High School. At 18 yrs. she met and married George, a soldier boy
just back from overseas. It was love at first sight and forever.
      They started life together in Pomona, where George had family and could find 
work, and later moved to nearby La Verne. Aside from being a great wife, mother, 
grandmother, and all that, she had a special talent for having fun and bringing 
fun to others. She loved train traveling and RV camping with friends and family.
She always had a cheerful and lively attitude and will leave a deep void where 
her laughter and joy once prevailed. 
      A celebration of life lunchen will be held Thursday, Sept.13.-- 12 noon to 3PM 
at her family home.-----3917 Williams Ave. La Verne.


                    AM  I  A  MACHINE ? 

     Many years ago, when I was having a great time at FDS 
manufacturing plant,  I was converting their production machines from 
the conventional type control system that used electrical relays, timers.
counters and such, to computer control. I was using mostly Radio Shack 
parts. (Too bad there's no more Radio Shacks)
     I would use a 16 input/output microprocessor that I could program to
do everything that all the relays and electro-mechanical parts were doing,
thereby making the machine more flexible and trouble free.
     At the age of 85 I had to quit this work that I loved so much. I needed
to be with my Dear Helen full time. Now ....... ten years later and after
reading what some great neuroscientists have been telling us, I'm
wondering .... Am I a machine ?
     I'm thinking ..... My brain is like a microprocessor that is programmed by
my DNA and my learning experiences. My senses...., like hearing, seeing,
touching and such, are the inputs to my microprocessor and the outputs are 
everything that my body does,  like physical movements of my arms and legs
..... the words that come out of my mouth ...... everything I do .......
     In other words ...... the inputs to my microprocessor (my brain) are my
senses and the outputs are my actions. And the program that controls all this
is the DNA that I was born with and the life situations I have faced ...... And I
have no control over any of it.
     Oh well .........I guess I'll just have to live with it.


                  DO I REALLY NEED THIS ?

      I've had this little website for six years and sometimes I wonder why
I need to keep doing this. Whefirst started writing stories here, they
are all about my Dear Helen and the happy life we lived for 67 years.
Later, I added more stories and songs that I wrote and a lot of our family
photos and videos.
      Now....I find that I'm writing stories about anything that I find of
interest to me and I don't think anybody reads them. But I enjoy reading
them because I so much agree with them and I marvel at the  intelligence
of the writer. After caring for my Dear Helen as she went through the
stages of that horrible vascular dementia I felt like she had played a dirty
trick on me by leaving me all alone and lonely. So this little website has been
just what I needed. I can't imagine how I could have survived without it.
      My website provider is HostBaby ...... And right now it's March Madness
time at HostBaby, when the offer great bargains..... And they got me to
subscribe for another two years. I probably won't be around here in two years
...... but this crazy stuff will.
Just for fun ....... I thought I would count all the stuff that I've put
on this website over six years ...... I'm amazed at what I found .....
314 .... Stories that I wrote ..... mostly about our family.
56 ...... Songs that I wrote and recorded.
81 ...... Photos that were my favorites.
10 ...... Videos of our family's happy days
92 ..... Links to YouTube videos that I had put there


                    HOW  DOES  SHE  DO  THAT  ?

      I keep finding more things to write stories about. I recently found a
ittle video that my grandson, Todd, had made about 25 years ago when
he was a little kid. He had set up the video camera and got Dear Helen
to dance with him.
      It's mostly just some silly stuff that kids do. But Helen was doing
something that caught my attention and for the life of me I cannot figure
out how she could do that. I think that at this time, Dear Helen was
starting to show signs of early dementia.                  
       I made a little ten second YouTube video so you can view the
action that I'm talking about.













                           THELMA and MYRON

      Six years ago, When I was visiting my Dear Helen every day while
she was in the Hillcrest Woods LTC,  I became acquainted with quite a 
few of the other residents there.  I recently found a photo that I had taken
of two of them and it brought back some old memories.
      Each day, Helen and other residents would sit in their wheel-chairs
around the central nurses station and that is where I became acquainted 
with Thelma and Myron and snapped this photo of them. Thelma was
normally a very quiet girl who somehow had become attached to Myron 
and always wanted him to sit with her. Myron was a very friendly guy and 
could get around in his wheel-chair pretty good. He would often visit with 
other residents but if Thelma noticed him talking to another lady resident,
she would shout out ....... "You stay away from him. He's mine"  


                      Thelma and her Myron


                       TINY   MAIL

       My sister, Audrey, found this tiny  letter among some old family papers.
Only 2 and 1/2 inches wide. I couldn't believe you could mail anything that small. 
 I think it was about the year 1921 when our mother, Cora, sent it to cousin Joe. 
It contained a little greeting card.  nothing else.
       Can you imagine something this small  traveling  through  the mail system
all the way from Redondo Beach California to Jeromseville Ohio.  And cousin Joe
lived way out on a farm.  Don't know how he got his mail.


 The little card reads ......     On the MERRIEST day
                                            That was ever let out,
                                            I'm wishing the best
                                            Little Kiddy About,
                                           A Sock Full of Joy
                                           And a Heart Full of Glee.
                                          And a Day Just as Gay
                                          As the Gladdest Could Be.


                 MY BIG SCREEN MONITOR

     My biggest problem, living here at Hillcrest is that I don't have much 
to occupy my mind. So I'm continually looking for something to do.
Here's the latest....
     My sister, Mary, used to visit me and she enjoyed watching old family 
movies on my computer monitor. Mary isn't around anymore, but 
occasionally I will need to show someone else something on the
computer screen.
      I just happen to have a large TV sitting right next to my computer 
desk, so I'm  thinking,..... it would really be nice if I could use that big TV
to show all my old family movies and videos.   So I put my little brain to 
work on it.
      The TV is about ten years old but it does have an hdmi input port
but my computer  has no hdmi output port. After researching my problem
on the internet, I found a usb to hdmi converter with the proper cables
that worked just great, So now I can showoff my wonderful computer 
stuff on the  BIG SCREEN .......
                 Take a look at my BIG SCREEN ...…



                  WHAT THE HECK IS MUSIC 

     Neuroscientists tell us that when we hear music that we really like,
our brain releases something called dopamine which gives us a mental high.
Cocaine, amphetamines, and marijuana, ect. also release dopamine to give us
the same high.
      Of course we all know that music is nothing more than sounds. And the
sounds usually have a certain pitch and a certain timing or rhythm. I think
 rhythm is more essential than pitch. I've never known of any music without a 
certain rhythm.
      In most of the world, we configure the musical pitch to conform to the 
twelve tone scale and arrange the notes that are played together so that they 
harmonize. And we can understand harmony by noting the mathematical 
relationship between the different frequencies.  Also we know that what 
sounds like music to one person may sound like noise to another. But that's 
about all we know for sure. I can get a pleasant high after
drinking one martini, and I can get the same high listening to my favorite music.
      I think it's true.  I also think that certain lyrics, (words) that conform to the 
sounds, help with the high feeling.  So....Now I have to figure out exactly why I
like certain sounds in a certain rhythm.
      To satisfy my curiosity, I made a little experiment which you can listen to on the
ALL AUDIO page, entitled BACKWARDS MUSIC. You will hear the last eight bars 
of the song "Over the Waves" as normally played by three instruments. Then you
will hear the same eight bars with the same three instruments playing it exactly
.......Sounds terrible to me.... But why ?....It's the same notes.... I guess I'll have to
think about it.....I need something to think about anyway.
.......What is it that makes music out of sounds ?

What the heck is going on here anyway ?



      I had never heard of this until I asked this question of my sister's
grandson, Casey, who is a science and math professor at a Calif. University. 
      With computers, we know that a 4 bit nibble has 16 values and a 
8 bit byte has 256 values. I asked Casey if there was a formula for finding
these values. Like how many values would 10 or 12 bits have.
       Casey sent me a full page about combinatorics ........ How many ways
are there for something to happen. I had fun learning about this kind of
math and have since used it to satisfy my curiosity several times.
      Recently, I've been playing around with word puzzles.  Like, the puzzle
gives me 4 letters and I have to see how many words I can make of these
4 letters.  I wanted to find out how many ways there are to arrange these 
4 letters ... words or not. Here's the formula for the number of ways
4 letters can be arranged.
           For 4 letters ..........  4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24
           For 5 letters ........... 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 120
           For 6 letters ..........  6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 720

        Now ........ What did I learn from all this ?
Answer .... Stay away from word puzzles with lots of letters !


                I ALSO HAVE A DREAM

      Without much to do here at Hillcrest. I recently found this story in an old
folder from my file cabinet. I think I wrote it about ten years ago.
      Today is Martin Luther King day and I have just finished reading his "I Have
A Dream" speech, which leaves me almost in tears...... and yet when I consider
how far we have come from that memorable day, I'm truly grateful for the
humanitarian progress we have made. I wish that Martin Luther could be with
us today to witness the great changes his dream has helped bring about.
      After thinking about this for awhile, I've come to realize that Martin Luther's
dream was about equality for people of color in America, and I decided to dream
a dream of my own.


       That means treating people in far away, war torn countries as our brothers
and sisters instead of dropping bombs on them because our politicians tell us
that they are our enemies. The question is, "Why can't my dream come true?"
Well.........after more powerful thinking and reading what the great philosophers
have been telling us for thousands of years, I think I've stumbled upon the answer.
One word says it all .....Xenophobia .... Fear of the unknown .....It's what kept us
alive in the cave man days but those days have long gone by and xenophobia is
still with us. They say it's a natural instinct and all animals have it.So.....What can
we do about this fear of the unknown that we are all born with? ....The answer is
simple. We just need to get to know each other. We realize that we all have the
same blood flowing in our veins......the same brain in our heads....the same love
for family and children. So what is different about us? .....Just two things ........
Religion and Nationality. All we have to do is get to know something about each
other's religion and nationality......And it's so easy with today's World Wide Web
and high tech communications.
      Maybe my dream will actually come true. I personally like to consider myself 
Humanitarian.....with no religious or patriotic attachments whatsoever. Exactly
what my hero, Albert Einstein, said about himself.
      John Lenin nailed it with his song, "Imagine" ....... Imagine a world without
religion or patriotism. We would have nothing but everlasting peace.
     GeorgeBoy says  .....        

       To have a war you must have an enemy.
       To have an enemy you must be one.         

                        GEORGIE-BOY'S STUFF 

       As I mentioned on the start page.  I created this website all for myself.
I needed someplace to put the stories I was writing about my Dear Helen. 
      Some of my family and internet friends have told me that they visit the
site and I noticed that one of my alzheimerspouse.com friends posted a
link to one of my stories ... "The Turkey Letters" (Just Stories Page) ......
Also my website statistics informs me that during the last year, there 
were between 36 and 59 visitors per day.
      Here at Hillcrest retirement community where I'm living. most of us
oldies don't play around with computers but I know of several who have 
found the site so I try to include some stories about Hillcrest.
      Now ..... If there are any old, old, guys like me (97yrs), who have lost
their life's companion and feel they have no purpose in life. You can have
fun doing what I'm doing.   And I'm still a computer dummy.

                    THE EAGLE CAM

      About seven years ago, when I was caring for my Dear Helen, I was 
very much involved with a wonderful group of caregivers like myself. We 
supported each other on a website .... www.thealzheimerspouse.com .....
and shared our sad stories.
      Some of my friends there got me interested in watching a nest of 
Bald Eagles, located in So. Florida, that had been continually filmed by
video cameras .... night and day ..... since 2006, and shown on a website.
      The original bald eagle pair, known as Ozzie and Harriet, had been
using this nest since 2006. After Ozzie’s passing in the early fall of 2015,
Harriet bonded with another male, M15, in late fall of 2015.........  And the
story goes on and on.
      I became captivated with watching these eagles during their nesting 
season. The way they care for each other and share the duties of hatching 
the eggs and the feeding and teaching of the baby eaglets to fly and be on
their own.   The two baby eaglets being cared for right now are
Harriet's 10th and 11th and are about a week old. I heck on them every day.



                          MY LITTLE SISTER MARY    


       Last Monday evening .... Mary took her last breath. She had Atkinsons 
disease and had been confined in Hillcrest Woods care for the last year.
When I moved into Hillcrest two years ago, Mary's Birch Court apartment
was right across the hallway from mine and she would frequently visit me 
without even knocking on the door to enter. But I always enjoyed her
      After about a year they moved her into Woods so they could take 
better care of her. She didn't adjust to Woods care very well and often 
refused to follow their instructions. Telling them ..... "I'm going to do it my
way and if you don't like it you can call the police"
        I really think this was so typical of Mary. Throughout her life. she
lived it HER WAY .....just like the song. And her way was .... Having as
much fun as I can possibly have, but never, ever, hurting anyone.  I was
thinking of writing a little story of her 86 happy years, but Chuck did an 
excellent job of that so I decided to make a video of some old movie
shots of her and put it on YouTube so I could email the link to her family
and friends.  I put the video into five consecutive chapters with a title fo
each chapter.....
Mary's Ninja Turtle .... Mary's Mary Poppins .... Mary's Dive ..   M's Room 
Mary's Slide Show ...( The sound in the slide show is Mary singing )




                  CHUCK'S  STORY  of MARY   

        Mary Streit paid with her life on December 18, 2017 for the service
she offered as a Navy nurse on board the USS Sanctuary hospital ship 
off the shore of Viet Nam. Her exposure to Agent Orange while caring fo 
American soldiers severely wounded in the war, finally caught up with her.
      She was born in Pomona on November 27, 1931, and is one of six
  siblings. Her father, George Streit was a realtor and contractor i 
 Pomona and her mother was a nurse. After graduation from Pomona
High School, where she was active in the band, she became a nurse
and joined the Navy, working her way up to Lieutenant Commander.
She worked in California, Tennessee, Iceland, Hawaii and Vietnam.
      Upon discharge she bought a home in La Verne and became a 
bloodmobile nurse with    the Red Cross. When Khmer Rouge took over
power in Cambodia and people were fleeing for their lives, Mary 
decided that she wanted to help with the settlement of Cambodian
in the United States. She sought others to help her but eventually
became a committee of one. She helped resettle three families to this 
area. The children of those families now have children. Those children  
have adopted Mary, and although a single woman all of her life, Mary 
had six grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. They were a big part
of her life.
      After moving to Hillcrest and giving up driving she transferred her
membership from Trinity United Methodist to the Church of the Brethren
in La Verne.
      Mary is survived by her siblings: George Streit of La Verne, Audrey
Heesen of Pomona, Mildred Davis of La Verne and .David Streit of
Houston, along with many nieces and nephews.   .She was preceded in
death by a sister, Ruth Pence. Graveside services will be at the La Verne
Evergreen Cemetery on Friday, Dec. 29 at 2:30 p.m. .......Following this,
A celebration of her life will be held in the Hillcrest MS lounge.


                           MY NEW SONG

       Recently .... I was going through some really old historical stuff that
I had found in an old filing cabinet and came upon a little poem that I 
must have have written while I was in the Army. The page was barely 
readable, but I liked the words and decided to see if I could make a song
out of them. 
       I've made so many songs and had a lot of fun with them. Now ....
here at Hillcrest, I have hardly anything to make a song with ...... But
with nothing much to do, I decided to give it a try.
       I gave it a title ..... THE ARMY .... because that's what it's about. It
really is a true story of me and the Army.   If you're brave enough you
you can click the player to hear it.   Or you can just read the lyrics.
This is a sample of my wonderful singing.      

                    THE ARMY
I was done with school .... I'd gone as far as I could go,
I couldn't find a job .... They said that I was just to slow,
I Looked around and finally found ...... Something I could do,
I fearlessly enlisted in the Army.

    They almost didn't take me..... cause I missed too many questions,
But the kindly sergeant ..... helped me out with some suggestions,
Then they took me to a place ..... Where I could bravely do.
My patriotic duty in the Army.    
They issued me a uniform .... that I could strut around in,
They taught me how to shoot a gun .... and dig a hole to hide in,
Then they put me on a boat .... and shipped me overseas,
That's the way we did it in the Army.


                 MY  NEW  LIFE              

      Living this crazy new life since my Dear Helen left me has caused me 
to do a lot of thinking about what I need to be be doing and I finally come
upon the answer to that big question ..........
  ................. I DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING !
And that's exactly what I'm doing. ... NOTHING! ..... And I feel OK about it.
     Of course I mean "nothing of any value". I can eat as much candy as
I please ..... Sleep as long as I choose ...... Play with my computer all day
... Reminisce the good ol d days with my Dear Helen ....... And Write
dumb stories like this one.        It really ain't so bad ...


                    THE SAME BOAT

      In the Hillcrest Happenings Newsletters, I am continually reading stories
written by Matthew an Ryan, about Hillcrest being a really great place for us
oldies, and I wholeheartedly agree. It is great  ...... and I'm happy to be here.
      Now, without much to do, I've been thinking about this. What is it that
makes the Hillcterst community so great? Is it the beautiful facilities, the
activities and entertainment, the wonderful friendly staff, the church relationship,
or exactly what makes me so happy to be living here?
      My Birch Court neighbors, Gene and Roberta, moved out of here to another
nearby rest home saying hillcrest was too expensive. However they told me that 
although their new place lacked many of the Hillcrest features, they are happy
there and think it is also a great retirement community. I've heard of other
instances of this and now I'm wondering. Just what is it that makes a
retirement community great ? 
      Well ...... After some high powered thought, I think I've stumbled upon the
answer. ........For me It has very little to do with the facility where I'm living.
 It's all about being with friendly people who are in the same boat with me.   
       Thinking back throughout my life with my dear Helen, It's always been
that way. All of our friends that we enjoyed such happy times with, were in 
the same boat with us. In other words, we had the same interests and values.
      My interests and values certainly changed a lot when my dear Helen 
acquired  dementia and I went through some sad years as her caregiver. But
fortunately, on the internet, I found others who were in the same boat with me.
Wow .... what a blessing ....... They helped me so much when I badly needed 
help ..... And I'm still a part of that caring group.
      So now ...... My interests and values have changed again, but I've found
friends here at Hillcrest who are in the same boat with me. It's mostly a matter
of getting over the loss of our lifetime partner and finding a way to enjoy life alone.



      I have  friends on a website called   www.thealzheimerspouse.com 
and recently we were sharing stories about our family histories and I 
contributed this one which they seemed to like. so I thought I would share
it here with my Hillcrest friends.
      I really enjoy reading family history stories and would like to share
some history of the wonderful little Russian girl from Fresno that I fell in 
love with.
      Dear Helen's parents, Philip and Amollia Herzog, came to this country
from a little village in Russia Named Kukus ......... Located along the 
Volga river where everybody spoke the German language. It was during 
the Russian revolution and her dad would have to hide under the bed 
when the revolutionary soldiers came around looking for conscripts which 
they would take away, never to be seen again.
      Her parents fled Russia on foot along with many others during the
winter of 1920-21.  Conditions were very harsh and many didn't make it.
Her parents had two little boys who died along the way. They would have
been Helen's brothers.
      I remember Helen's dad telling of times when army tanks and trucks would
run over the refugees who were on foot or with donkey carts, traveling along icy
roads with high snow banks on each side of the road making it impossible for 
anyone to get out of the way.
      They eventually made it to a refugee camp in Germany and from there to
the United States in the year 1922. They were sent to and settled in Fresno Ca.
along with other German speaking Russians. There they started another family
of three little girls. The Russian-German community in Fresno was quite large,
having their own schools and churches. Most of them including Helen's
parents worked in the fruit packing houses.
      So that's where Helen grew up, along with two sisters, Frieda and
Ester and some aunts, uncles, and cousins, all from Russia. There was 
never an automobile in the family. Not even a bicycle. Everyone rode the
bus. Helen used to love to ride her cousin's bike. They had a small house
in the Russian-German community and everything they needed. They 
were involved in all the church and the Russian- German community 
activities. Helen made friends easily and had a lot of them.
      Helen graduated from high school at 17yo and worked as a waitress
for a few months, then got a job as a switchboard operator with the 
telephone co.             Then along came George...
          If you would like to read more of this little Russian girl's history,
        go to this page.......
...............  HELEN STORIES  ....or..... HAPPY STORIES 


                SECRET  FOR  A  FULFILLING  LIFE

        Yesterday, I was reading Ryan Harrison's story in the Happenings
Newsletter. It was entitled  "Secret to a Fulfilling Life".  It told of a Harvard
scientific study of 724 men over a period of 75 years.  The study focused
not only on their physical health, but their emotional well-being and 
     I was amazed that this study confirmed my long time belief that a 
man's physical health or his environment has nothing to do with his 
happiness.  I know that we oldies here at Hillcrest don't really need 
any scientific study to give us the answer to this secret.

              My Favorite Poem ..... by Edwin Arlington Robinson.
              It's a story about a guy who had everything except
              the one thing that makes life worth living.

Whenever Richard Cory went downtown,
We people on the pavement looked at him.
He was a gentleman from sole to crown.
Clean favored and imperially slim.
And he was always quietly arrayed.
And he was always human when he talked,
But still he fluttered pulses when he said,
"Good morning," and he glittered when he walked.
And he was rich -- yes richer than a king,
And admirably schooled in every grace.
In fine, we thought that he was everything
To make us wish that we were in his place.
So on we toiled and waited for the light.
And went without the meat, and cursed the bread.
And Richard Cory, one calm summer night,
Went home and put a bullet through his head.       


                      POOR SERGEANT O'NEIL

       I can't imagine what brought this story to my mind. Maybe it's all the
news oft  sexual misconduct of famous people that I've been hearing about.
      In the year 1940, our Army Signal Corps company had finished basic
training and we were staying in a huge aircraft hanger at Hammer Field, 
waiting to be shipped to Alaska. This was a temporary thing with canvas
cots all over the floor of the hanger.
      Higby was a fun guy and one evening he came out of the big rest room 
and alerted everyone that there was something going on in there that we
needed to see.  So a bunch of us followed him in there where he quietly 
pointed out one of the toilet stalls where, in the space under the door, we 
could see a shadow on the floor moving in a continues rhythm.
       We all realized that someone was having some fun. masturbating.
Not knowing who was in there, we all silently waited and after about five 
minutes, the little door opened and out came  Sergeant O'Neil. We all
yelled and applauded and had a great laugh because Sergeant  O'Neil 
was our First-Sergeant ...... the highest ranking enlisted man in our
company, and he was always a strict disciplinarian.
      Poor Sergeant O'Neil ...........


                    JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA DAY

      Yesterday, my sister called me to tell me that today was John Phillip
Sousa day, and they were celebrating here at Hillcrest. It brought back
many memories of the good old days. Since 've always been a marching
band fanatic, I remember a lot of the marches that he wrote.
     His most famous march was ...."Stars And Stripes Forever"  and I told
my sister about he times when I was a Boy Scout, and we used to sing to
the trio of this march while we were camping out. So I sang it to her over
the phone.
     Poor Millie ........... She had to listen to it ....... But you don't need to
unless you happen to click on the little player.



                    MY WELLNESS

       For the last five years I've been getting numerous mailings from
different medical associations, requesting me to respond so they could
give me some kind of a wellness check. When I don't respond, they
follow up with telephone calls, telling me that I need to have a
wellness check-up at least once a year to prevent some serious illness
from creeping up on me, and their records show that I haven't had a 
check-up for five years.
      I have a difficult time explaining my present situation to them. I tell
them that I feel that I've lived a wonderful, happy life which ended five 
years ago when my dear Helen left me and at the age of 96, I'm ready 
for what comes next. So why should I worry about my wellness?
      I'm not suicidal and still enjoy my family and friends, but feel that
resources are being wasted in keeping me alive for no good reason.
      I really like this little poem.... .... Don't know who wrote it
      Lord, when you see my work is done.
      Let me not linger on,
      With failing powers, And weary hours
      A workless worker in a world of work,
      But with a word, Just bid me home,
      And I will gladly go,
      Yes gladly I will go



      I was enjoying the ball game at the exercise class this morning. We
were bouncing these inflatable plastic balls around and and having fun
with them.
      For some reason, I started thinking about balls. Here at Hillcrest, balls
are used for many activities and games and I'm thinking about how balls
are used for all the big game sports like baseball, football, basketball and
etc. In fact, It's difficult to think of any sport or game that does not use a ball.
And with all these games, the result of the whole game depends on where
the ball happens to go.
      So now I'm thinking about how important balls are. What would we do
without them? Who invented the ball? Did the medieval cave man have
them? Are they used for anything other than games? Maybe the ball bearing,
or projectiles for guns? .... So many questions for my little mind.
      I know that scientists have studied the origin of the wheel and found that
it dates back to 1600 BC, About the time humans first started living in cities
instead of caves.
But as yet, I still haven't found anything about the origin of the ball.
      I'll just have to keep searching  ..... It will give me something to do


        Elsewhere on this site, I've had a lot to say about Patriotism but
since I've been hearing so much about it lately from some guy named
Trump, I feel like I need to bring it up again.  
                EINSTEIN on PATRIOTISM
        "He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned
my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the
spinal cord would fully suffice. This disgrace to civilization  should be done
away with at once. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, and all the
loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism. How violently I
hate all this. How despicable and ignoble war is. I would rather be torn to
shreds than be part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing
under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder".
        Elsewhere, Einstein called Patriotism ......"The measles of mankind".
                     PATRIOTISM....by Herman Goering ......
                     Leader of the Nazi party under Adolph Hitler.
         "Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia,
nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood.
But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country  who determine the
policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether 
it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist
dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the
bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is 
and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the
country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY."...   
         I believe this to be so true. And Hitler was such a great orator. He 
could make the people go crazy with the patriotic spirit. As happened in 
Germany for world wars one and two......... Maybe Trump could make
America great again . 


                               CROW RESCUE


          What I can find on the World Wide Web never ceases to amaze me.    
     Someone was visiting the Budapest Zoo in far away Hungary and was
watching a caged bear eating fruit. When the bear noticed that a little crow
had fallen into the nearby pool, he quit eating his fruit and was trying to 
rescue the little crow.
     That is when this person focused his Lumix camera on the action and 
shot this amazing video. I was so impressed by this video that I downloaded
it and after editing it a little and adding a title and some appropriate music,
I made a Youtube video so anyone could easily view it and marvel at the
love and compassion that animals can show.  One of God's creatures 
demonstrating love and care for another of God's creatures.                                  




                     THE MONKEY DOLL

      Yesterday, as I was visiting the Main Cafeteria, I noticed a lady being 
 pushed  along in a wheel chair. She looked like she was about the same
old age as me. She was holding a little stuffed dog in her lap and was 
hugging and petting it and seemed to be very fond of it.
      This brought back to me, memories of when I had my Dear Helen in the
Woods care home. Some of the dementia patients like Helen would always
have a little doll with them and it gave me the idea that Helen might like one 
and maybe it would have a calming effect upon her somewhat unpredictable
      At home, in a spare bedroom, Helen had a huge collection of stuffed toy
dolls lying on the bed, So I chose one of her favorites .... A cute little monkey
.... and brought it down to her. When I placed it in her hands. She looked it 
over and then tried to eat it.
      After a few more tries to get her acquainted with the little monkey doll,
we just let it sit on her night stand where it served as a cute decoration.
A few days later, it was missing and nobody knew what happened to it but
the next day, we noticed it in the arms of Mary ...... It was easy to see that 
Mary had bonded with that little monkey and everywhere that Mary went,
that little monkey was sure to go.
We were all so happy to see Mary so happy, and I think the little monkey
was happy too.


                  WALT ARNOLD

     Walt Arnold was a long time member of our Pomona Breakfast Lions
Club and I need to tell this little story about him.
     He had almost no hair on his head but it never seemed to bother him.
However once he showed up wearing a crazy looking wig and we didn't
recognize him unless he said something.
     We were all wondering ... "Is that Walt .... Is he serious about that hair
piece?"  So we just assumed that for some reason he had decided to 
change his appearance and tried to ignore what he had on his head
because we didn't want to embarrass him. A lot of our club members 
never spoke to him because they didn't know who he was.
     So. the meeting went as usual with our breakfast and program and 
then the Tail Twisting fun, which was a time for anyone to have the floor.
It was then that we got a glimpse of the real Walt.
     He jumped up out of his chair, throwing the wig onto the floor, and
furiously stomping  on it while yelling at us ........ "What the hell is the
matter with you guys?  Not one of you have complimented me on my
new look. And I can see that you're all talking about it behind my back. 
I spent a lot of time trying on wigs at the Pomona Joke Store and chose
the best one they had and bought it for a dollar and fourty-nine cents ,
and now you're all putting me down and hardly even speaking to me."


                 GRAND-KIDS ..... The greatest thing ever invented

      At my age, with nothing much to do, I spend a lot of time just 
reminiscing the goo old days and thinking about how fortunate I was
to have lived such a great happy life.  I can easily forget about dear Helen's
sad dementia years, as that just seems like a bad dream that never really
      Of course all of us oldies remember the time we fell in love with the
most wonderful girl in the world and the happy times we spent raising our
children. But for Helen and I, the very best times came after our children 
had all left the house and we found ourselves completely free to have fun.
And that's exactly what we did. 
      Helen and I had only one grand-kid. But what a difference he made
in our lives.  He was an inspiration and a revelation for us. We were so
fortunate to have him with us often. It seems like he was involved in 
everything we did. He made our fun even more so. I can't imagine what
our later years would have been like without that happy little guy.
      Now .... here at Hillcrest, I enjoy looking back on those happy years,
with old movies, photos, and videos galore, and often see little  kids 
visiting here and spreading happiness all over the place.
      I'm wondering ........... Why do little kids have to grow up ?











                       THE CASIO HORN


     About 50 years ago, I had a lot of fun playing around with this little horn.
It had many digital features for creating wonderful music with a computer
connection and it was easy to play .... just like a clarinet or penny whistle.
     A few days ago .. ......Two years after moving into Hillcrest, I opened a
dresser drawer to see what was inside, and found two of them. It started 
me thinking about what I could do with them.
     My sister, Mary, has Parkinson's and is a resident in Hillcrest Woods.
Our family is vary concerned for her as dementia seems to have taken
away her once happy, carefree life.
     So ..... as I remember her playing the clarinet in all of our wonderful
marching bands, I decided that she just might be able to enjoy one of 
these little horns. So yesterday I got on my little scooter and took one
over to her. She was sleeping as I entered her room but when she awoke
and saw the little horn, her face lit up and she was my old sister, Mary, again.
     I spent a half hour, showing her everything she needed to know and she
eventually caught on to it. She would toot it a little and then smile and even
laugh at the sounds she was creating and soon she was playing the scale.
As I was leaving on my little scooter, I could hear the tooting all the way 
down the hallway and out the door.  I don't know if she will continue with the 
little horn but it sure made me  happy to see the happiness in her as she
was tooting on that little thing yesterday.


              WICKED HELEN    ..... I just have to write this story about her.

      One time when we were visiting Helen's sister who lived in Northern
California Her sister introduced Helen to some friends as "This is m
wicked sister from L.A" Helen then gave us her definition of the word, 
wicked. "Having as much fun as I can possibly have.
But Never .... Ever .... hurting anyone" 
      Yes ..... She was an expert at having fun and she was able to create 
a lot of fun fo everyone. So many of our friends called her ... The Life of
the party.
     After viewing some photos of our activities with Lions Club and camping
friends.  my daughter called her a Party Girl. So of course I had to make 
little slide show of some of these photos and named it .... . PARTY GIRL. 














                   END of the WORLD ..... COMING SOON

     Yesterday I was checking one of my favorite websites,
( thealzheimerspouse.com ) as I do every day, and my friends there
were having a discussion about how bad everything was in our 
country and through-out the world. Saying that Americans were not 
supporting our president in his efforts to make our country great again..
And some were saying that our wonderful Christian values were being 
ignored. And with all the hurricanes and earthquakes, The end of
the world is coming soon. It seemed to me that the discussions were
all about the lack of patriotism and religion. So without making a
comment, I contributed this.      From Old GeorgieBoy......

"Imagine" by John Lenin"
Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

Eight hours later, I checked back on the site. There were
four posts thanking me for my contribution and
giving me an AMEN ...... and nothing more about
the end of the world ...........


      Many years ago, my grandson, Todd, used to play with my sister,
Mildred's grandson, Casey. I think they were both about ten years old.
I have a video of them doing a scientific demonstration, with Casey
walking around under water and Todd pumping air to him through a 
hose.      Now Todd is some kind of a computer expert and Casey is
a university professor teaching math and science. I recently came
upon something that Casey wrote and I liked it so much that I feel the 
need to share it.

      I’m a firm believer in the idea of salvation through technology;
Salvation through knowledge; The notion that we can make our lives
and our world better by understanding the universe and finding ways to
manipulate it for the good of mankind.
      It is amazing how powerful technology is in the modern world. We
can communicate with people all over the globe instantly. We can travel 
to the other side of the continent in mere hours. We can survive injuries 
and illnesses that, a century ago, would have been assumed invariably
fatal. We can produce enough food by having 1% of our population 
working on farms instead of 90%. Amazing advances. But technology
comes with dangers as well. We can kill each other with a twitch of a
finger. We can destroy entire cities in the blink of an eye. We can poison 
our own air without even trying. We need the technology, but we also
need to learn how to use it responsibly, and how NOT to use it. The
advances in what we CAN do must be paired with careful thought 
about what we SHOULD do.
       So by the power vested in me by nobody in particular, here is what 
I wish for all of my students, whether they’re going into the sciences or not:
the perception to learn about the world around us, the cleverness to
design amazing new things, and the wisdom to use them to make the
world a better place for everyone.
      I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my own responsibilities as a
physics teacher who strongly believes in peace and social justice. I’ve 
known for years that it is my responsibility to teach physics to all who
request it… but I also feel a need to be a paragon of pacifism. I have 
often worried “what if I teach physics to someone and then they use
what I’ve taught them to design weapons?” Now I realize what I must do:
I must pair my direct teaching of physics with some subtler teaching of ethics.     


                   Professor Casey Davis Then  ......................... and Now



      As I've mentioned many times, I'm continually looking for ways to keep
myself busy so I had to make this little video showing all 35 of the Hillcrest
MSL Performers that I had recorded. But showing only 5 sec. of each 
performance.  If you are short of time like my friend, Chuck, who is always 
a very busy guy, you can view all 35 performances in less than 4 minutes.



P.S. These performances are taken from the HILLCREST page, where 
they are shown in greater detail........ I showed this video to my friend 
Howard,, and he said to me, " OK George, I like it, but it's too long.
Why don't you make a video showing each performance for just one
second ?" ..... I'm thinking about it .....Well ....... I thought about it so 
here it is .... just for you Howard.




                FACEBOOK and "I'M HERE TOO

       One of my email friends sent me a seniors opinion of Facebook 
that I really enjoyed. I don't know anything about Facebook, but I have 
looked at it and I think one of my friends even put me on there

      For those of my generation who do not, and cannot, comprehend why
Facebook exists: I am trying to make friends outside of Facebook while
applying the same principles.
      Therefore, every day I walk down the street and tell passersby what I
have eaten, how I feel at the moment, what I have done the night before,
what I will do later and with whom.
      I give them pictures of my family, my dog, and of me gardening, taking
things apart in the garage, watering the lawn, standing in front of landmarks,
driving around town, having lunch, and doing what anybody and everybody
does every day.
      I also listen to their conversations, give them the "thumbs up" and
tell them I like them. And it works just like Facebook.
      I already have four people following me: two police officers, a private
investigator and a psychiatrist.
      As I was reading this, I'm thinking of a story that I had written.

                                I'M HERE TOO

      One time in the good old days, my Dear Helen and I were visiting our
close friends, Louie and Lorene. It was a hot summer night and we were
sitting outside, enjoying a quiet, moonlit evening. We could continually
hear dogs in the distance. They were not really barking, it was more like
howling. We would hear one far away, then one from down the street,
then one from Louie's neighbor, then Louie's dog would occasionally
chime in and he was quite loud. Lorene suggested that Louie put
him in the garage.
      Louie refused to pen him up. saying Fido needed to participate in the
howling. He said it was a social thing and Fido was telling the other dogs 
 "I'm Here Too" Now....... At this time of my life.......Older than dirt...... ...
nothing to do ........It's exactly what I'm doing here at Hillcrest.
I'm telling everyone loud and clear ............."I'M HERE TOO" Either on
Facebook or whatever.  I will  find a way to tell everyone .....I'M HERE TOO



      At lunch today, My niece, Kathy, showed me her letter to the editor of 
the Los Angeles Times which was printed in today's paper. (Sept.2,17)
She was expressing concern about our country's negative stand on global
warming in spite of the recent gigantic storms and what our scientists are
telling us.
     I told Kathy about the only time that I ever sent a "letter to the editor".
This is an exact copy of the letter that I sent to "Letters to the editor" of the
Progress Bulletin about ten years ago, which they would not print..
         In the 1700's, when the United States was fighting for independence
         from Great Britain, Americans were quoting William Pitt, and saying
         "While foreign troops are landed in my country, I would never lay
          down my arms......... Never, Never, Never"

Question:    Where are people saying these same words today?

Answer:      Look for them in countries like Iraq, Afgahanistan,
                  and over a hundred countries throughout the world
                 where the US has stationed armed forces. 

                                                          George Streit ..... La Verne













I was recently looking through some old family 8mm movies and found one that
brought back old memories of my daughter, Wendy, when she was about twelve
years old. She was in love with horses, and still is.
      At that time we lived at the north end of Williams St, of Wendy's neighborhood
friends. It was a pretty good place for horses. A lot of empty land, near the foothills
with great riding trails. Wendy and her friends were always riding together and
having horse shows and such. They wanted to make a cowboy movie, and they
talked me into shooting it with my 8mm camera. I guess I was a little horse crazy
      They gave it a title .."Crime Don't Pay". produced by the Red Eyed Gully 
Jumpers,(all 9 of them)  It was a story of two cowboys riding in a shady canyon 
who tethered their horses and went down by the creek for a little rest. While
they were resting, a couple of bad guys came by and stole their horses and took
off at a gallop leaving the cowboys in a cloud of dust. It just so happened that
a couple of sheriff deputies appeared on the trail, and when they were told of 
the theft, they took off after the horse thieves and captured them and brought 
back the stolen horses.
      I added some sound to this and converted it to digital mp4 format and 
made a YouTube video of it.   




                   DEAR HELEN'S LAST BIRTHDAY

      Through email and phone calls, some of my family and 
friends are reminding me that today, Aug.27, is Helen's
 birthday.  Helen and I never celebrated our birthdays
 because we had a celebration every day ...Birthday or not.
      Now, of course I'm thinking about her. But I think
 about her every day.  I can't quit thinking of her and the
 great life we shared. She would be 91 today, if she was
 still around. She left this world eight days after her
 86-th birthday and I'll never forget her passing or the
 amazing way she did it.
      After 9 months of visiting her for several hours
 every day while she was in Hillcrest Woods, I had a
 problem of my own and spent three days in the hospital.
When they let me go home, they told me that I needed 
complete rest for one week. I could not visit Helen because
 it was too much walking. I phoned the nurse's station 
every day to check on her and they were telling me that
 the end was near. Then on the afternoon of Sept. 4,
they called me and said that the end was very close. 
I wasted no time in getting myself down there. When I
 hobbled into her room. I found my daughter at her bedside
 holding her hand and several nurses and staff just 
standing by. They gave me a chair at Helen's side and I 
held her as best I could. There was no conversation and 
after about five minutes, one nurse said, "She's taking
 her last breath right now" She then checked for a 
heartbeat and said, ...."Helen has passed".
      I'm not getting into the details of all this. I just
 want to make clear the amazing fact that after not seeing
 me for almost a week, she waited until I was by her side
 before she left this world

























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