Hillcrest 4 Stories

         OK .......... I found  that I have added 48 stories to the HILLCREST 3 page
       plus a few to other pages ..... I think I should start another page. So here it is.
       These are not really stories about Hillcrest, but stories that I wrote while at
        Hillcrest. I know that these stories may seem silly or dumb,  but they are all
        true and I enjoy writing and reading them ......... It gives me something to do.   


                        THE BOY ELECTRICIAN                    2019

       I was visiting with Jackie, my Hillcrest neighbor, this afternoon and we
were telling about what we did as our lifetime occupation and how it all came
about. This got me thinking about how and why I became involved throughout
my life with everything electrical. So now I have to write a little story about it.
       When I was just an early teenager. We lived about a half mile from the
Pomona public library and I found a book there entitled "The Boy Electrician".
I had a library card so I checked it out and took it home with me and became
totally fascinated with it and checked it out many times.  Each time I checked
it out, I had to return it within one week and then go back later and check it
out again. I can remember many trips on my bicycle for that book.
       "The Boy Electrician" contained instructions for creating many electrical
experiments that any boy could do, using just wire, batteries, and ordinary
household things such as light bulbs, heater elements, mercury, magnets, etc.
I did everything in that book and almost set the house on fire once when
things got out of control.
       Looking back on it, I think everything I did as my lifetime occupation was
a continuation of the experiments in that little book. ..... And it was always fun.


                         MY POPEYE GRANDSON                2019

       Recently, while going through some old audio tapes, I found a little song
that was evidently made by my grandson, Todd, many years ago.
       When Todd was just a little kid, he was always playing around with my
audio and music equipment and he was getting pretty good at making his
own songs.  I had never heard this one before and I really liked it. So I fixed
it up a little and added it to the list of his other songs.
         If you would like to here it ...... Click the player below.


               Popeye making beautiful music


                         IMAGINE..... by John Lenon                  2019

      I've always been fascinated by the lyrics of this song because it so captures
exactly what I believe. I spent some time researching it on Wikipedia and found
that in 1980, at his home in New York, John Lenon was murdered because of it.
      Mark David Chapman .... the perpetrator .... who was very patriotic and
religious, was so incensed by the song, and Lenon's life style, that he was actually
proud of himself for ending Lenon's life.  People who believe as Chapman, have
been trying to get him released on parole, saying Chapman did nothing wrong.
Over the years, his parole has been denied ten times.
      I was so caught up in the wonderful spirit expressed in this song that I had
to make a little video of the lyrics as John is singing them.

      To view it, just click on it.    HERE  


                            TRY  THIS  SOMETIME                   20018
    when you're waiting in a line to check out at the grocery  store or you're on an
 elevator with others, or you're waiting with others at the doctor's office or just
anytime you're around strangers.... SAY SOMETHING!.....ANYTHING!
    You can think of something to say. It's easy. You will start a conversation and
you may bring a little happiness to some lonly timid soul. Once at the grocery store
I could not find the canned pumpkin so I asked an elderly lady if she happened to
know where it might be. She started looking for it and asked several others if they
knew where it was. Soon, there were four shoppers looking for the canned pumpkin,
and we were all having a good time.
   I especially like to start a conversation with someone who seems to be a little
odd or weird or unusual. A foreigner by dress or appearance. It brightens up the day
for both of us. And I learn that people are not always what they seem to be.  
It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like the morning light,
it scattered the night and made the day worth living.
What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles,to be
sure, but scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable


                 MY  AMAZING  FRIEND …. WOLF  KRAUSE               2018

     When I was going through the dementia battle with my Dear Helen, I met     
Wolf Krause through the alzheimerspouse.com website. We were both in the
same situation with that horrible disease and have since lost our wives but
through that site and email we still keep in touch.
    Wolf is a Canadian and an entrepreneur by profession. Retired at 53.  I've
always been impressed with his writings. He seems to just spit out whatever
is in the top of his head, and there's always a lot there. He never holds anything
back. He's a very fast thinker and typist and knows more about the world and
it's history than I've ever dreamed of.             

                     The amazing Wolf  


        I recently found this little story that I had writen about five  years ago
       but never put on my site ….... I kind of like it  so here it is.

                   INFLATION  and  CANDY BARS   

      When I was a little kid, candy bars cost five cents.... I ate my share........
Now, ninety years later, they cost one dollar..... I still eat my share.........
      People who know about this say it's called inflation. If the workers who
make the candy bars are paid more. The price of the candy bars will go up,
but the workers will have more money to buy them because they are earning
more money.
    So......I’m thinking......What difference does it make? Well..... after
considerable high powered thinking about it, I came to this conclusion.
      At the time I was a kid, a rich man with fifty thousand dollars could buy
one million candy bars........ Now, after ninety years his fifty thousand dollars
would only buy him fifty thousand candy bars......What a shame......
      However......If the rich man, had just bought the one million candy bars
ninety years ago, he would still have a million candy bars worth one million
dollars, instead of fifty thousand candy bars worth fifty thousand dollars.
 To put it simply, candy bars are property and property is not effected by
inflation. Only money is effected by inflation......
     Now......More high powered thinking.......Is inflation good for anything?
      Right now, the U.S. national debt is seventeen trillion dollars and all the
rich people are very concerned about it. The government has a lot of expensive
programs to help the poor, and is thinking about raising the minimum wage
which will contribute to more inflation and make the dollar worth less.........
But if the dollar is worth less, then the national debt is worth less. It seems like
inflation is good for the country.......Of course  the rich people hate it because it
 makes their dollars worth fewer candy bars......Raising the minimum wage
lowers the national debt......Does this make sense?
      The rich man who never worked a day in his life has more candy bars than
he can ever eat, but all he wants is  more.
     ( I think I got this right.....but maybe I need to think about it a little more.
Every time I read it I change it a little.)


                    MY  FALLING  DOWN  PERFORMANCE                2019

     I guess I have to write a little story about this cause my friends here keep
asking me about it.
      Last Friday at our horning exercise in the MSL,  I was returning to my chair
after putting my toys away and the pitch-ball game was just started.  I was
doing my best to give the ball a good kick before I was firmly seated and I lost
my balance, so down I went.
      At first .... I thought it was funny and as I lay there on the floor, I  wanted
to laugh  about it,  but when I noticed that  a little spot on my hand was bleeding,
all I could think about was to try and keep the blood from getting all over the
place.  They stopped playing the ball game and everyone was looking at me and
trying to help me get up.  I knew that I could get up OK,  but was concerned
about the blood mess and was trying to wipe it up with my handkerchief.
      Eventually,  I did get up and nurse, Sally, patched up my hand, but we all
missed playing our pitch-ball game because of my performance.  
      So what did I learn from all this?  .... If I want to get some attention ....
The MSL is a good place to fall down.      


                 OUR JEHOVAH'S WITNESS FRIENDS                     2017

      I recently heard the mane "Jehovah's Witnesses" mentioned in the news and
it brought back old memories that I cannot quit thinking about. So naturally I
need to write another story about it.
      As I've mentioned in other stories, I've been a horn blower since I was a little
kid and got myself into whatever school band or orchestra I could, and there was
always one excellent trumpet player ahead of me ..... I won't mention his last
name because this story is about him, and he may be unfortunate enough to
read it........ I'll just call him Dick.
      I can remember times in high school when Dick and I would play Taps in the
assembly hall for patriotic performances.  Dick always played, standing on the
stage by our flag and I would play the echo out in the hallway.
      Dick was not only a great trumpet player but he was a wonderful caring guy.
He taught me a lot and we became good friends.
      After spending almost five years in the army and marrying my dear Helen,
I returned to Pomona and we resumed our friendship. We both played in the
Pomona Municipal Band. Amazingly, Dick had married a nice girl named Helen
and both of our Helens had their first baby boys within two days of each other.
We had some nice family picnics and felt very close.
      There was only one thing that was different about us. Dick and his Helen were
members of a church called the Jehovah's Witnesses. At first it didn't really matter,
but after a few years, it created a problem. They kept after me and Helen to go to
church with them and we did it once and could hardly believe they called it a church.
After that .... they still kept after us to join their church and we just had to make it
clear to them that we could not do so. We were members of Trinity Methodist, along
with our extended family.
      It was then that Helen and I noticed a big change. It seemed that they didn't
want to have fun with us anymore and they finally told us that their church did not
allow friendships with non-members. Dick quit playing in the Pomona Municipal Band,
saying that he could only play his trumpet for his church.
      That was the last we saw of them, although they only lived in what is now
Montclair.  We often thought of them and considered checking up on them but
decided against it. Thinking they would consider us heathens who could contaminate
their lives.
      Through it all ..... I will always remember Dick. He was the real thing ...
I was the echo in the hallway.      


             I  NEED TO  SHORTEN  MY LINES  OF TEXT                 2018     

      I haven't added any stories here lately. I think I already have too many.
      I can read my website stories on a desk-top screen just fine. but when using
aBut I found something else that I need to do.
 small computer screen or tablet or even a little i-phone, the lines of text are so
long that enlarging the text enough so it is readable creates lines of text that are 
too long for a small screen and makes it necessary to continually shift the screen 
while reading.
      I know that most of my family never use a computer with a big screen and
have various small gadgets to view the internet. So I'm going through all the
stories and text files here and editing them to make the horizontal lines of text
about two-thirds shorter. 
    Yippiee ....... I found something to do to keep myself busy.


                  THE INTER VALLEY HEALTH PLAN             2018                  

      Yesterday I received my "once a year" call from the Inter Valley Health Plan.
They seem to feel like they need to take care of me and they've been calling me
once a year to tell me I should come in for a yearly health check-up. I always tell
them the same thing, and It's difficult for them to understand.
      I always tell them that I'm 97 years old and haven't had any medical problems
for at least twelve years and since my Dear Helen left me eight years ago, I'm
actually looking forward to a medical problem that would take me away so I could
be with her again.
      I told the nice lady who called, that I'm still a happy guy here at Hillcrest with
many friends and family close-by. I thanked her for looking out after me and recited
my favorite poem for her. She told me that she understood my situation perfectly
and complemented me on my passionate outlook. Her last words were
"God bless you George" .....Giving me the Big Head again ......
Here is the poem that I recited for her.

            Lord, when you see my work is done,
            Let me not linger on.
            With failing powers and weary hours,
            A workless worker in a world of work.
            But with a word, just bid me home.
            And I will gladly go.
            Yes, gladly I will go.  


                    ELDER FINANCIAL ABUSE

      Today ...... Here at Hillcrest ..... There is a Financial Services expert giving
us a lecture about this and telling us that elder financial abuse involves taking
advantage of an older person for financial gain. It’s estimated that older adults
lose more than $36 billion every year to scams, fraud and exploitation.
      I think this is so real, and that I need to write a little story about it because
of a letter I received in my mail-box just three days ago. The letter was from a
company, (I won't give the name) that said they were a Debt Collection Agency,
and that I owed the So. Cal. Edison Co. $161.52. They wanted me to send them
a check or money order. There was a whole page of legal stuff that I didn't
understand. All I know is that it's been over six years since I had anything to do
with the So. Cal. Edisom Co.


                     ARISTOTLE'S HAPPINESS                     2017

      I haven't added any stories here for a quite a while because I've been going
through the existing ones and fixing them up a little, but I was recently reading
about Aristotle and can't quit thinking about him. They call him the father of
western philosophy and this is his famous definition of human life.
           " Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life.
            The whole aim and end of human existence "
      After thinking about this for awhile, I have to agree with him but I'm wondering
What is Aristotle's definition of happiness ? I'm thinking that what makes a person
happy will depend on a persons thinking. 
    All our great scientists tell us that our thinking is controlled by our DNA that we are
born with, and the situations we have faced and learned from throughout our life
And we have no control over any of that. So what makes us happy may be
different for each of us.     
                      HAPPINESS QUOTES .... Taken from the Quotes page  
The surest way to be happy is to bring happiness to others.....Martin Luther King          
It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like the morning light,
it scattered the night and made the day worth living.......Scott Fitzgerald      
Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting some on yourself.
.....Ralph Waldo Emerson   
Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the
tranquility and happiness we all seek......Dalai Lama XIV   
There is no happiness like that of being loved by your fellow creatures ,and feeling
that your presence is an addition to their comfort.......Charlotte Brontë  
What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles  to be sure,
but scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable. . Joseph Addison 
Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give........Ben Carson   
I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know for sure: The only ones
among us who will be really happy are those of us who have sought and found how
to serve......Albert Schweitzer    
Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of
thought into the happiness that you are able to give. ..... Eleanor Roosevelt 
True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a
worthy purpose.......Helen Keller     
Happiness is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own.
.......H. Jackson Brown, Jr      
The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.....Mark Twain      
Only a life lived for others is a life worth living........Albert Einstein.    
Something to do, someone to love, something to hope for.
These are the grand essentials for happiness in this life.....L.M. Boyd
     What makes me happy?......All of the above.....How I love these quotes.
After thinking it over ........... All of these quotes are telling me one thing 
Happiness is having a good opinion of myself .....SELF-ESTEEM    


                 FLOW FREE .......... a great puzzle game                   2017

     As a lazy old man, I'm continually playing games and puzzles on my little computers
and I recently found one that I really enjoy. So I need to post a little story about it. 
     I became so fascinated by these puzzles because I learned how to solve them by just
starting with the easy ones and progressing through the levels until I was solving the
most difficult and seemingly impossible ones. It took a lot of my valuable time but it
made me feel like I was becoming some kind of a geneus.
      Flow Free .... is available in several varieties for almost any type of computer, and
can be downloaded free of charge.  I printed some screen shots to show how it works.




Connect the matching color dots.





All dots connected




               WORDS .... Another problem with getting old.           2017

      Sometimes I can hardly believe the words that come out of my mouth.
I can't imagine where they come from or who put them there. They are
usually a quick response to some situation and with my poor hearing,
I may not really understand the situation. I usually know exactly what I 
ant to say, but can't think of the right words ...... Poor GeorgieBoy....
      After thinking about this for awhile, my little brain tells me that "words"
are the way we communicate with each other and they may be either
spoken or written. When I speak It's always whatever is in the top of my
head, But when I write, such as I'm doing right now, I think about the 
words and what they mean. Another advantage of written words is
that I can erase or change them to express exactly what I want to say.
      I've written a lot of words for emails to my family and internet friends
and for my little website here and a few people say that I'm OK with that.
So I'm thinking I should just continue with the writing and button up my 
mouth. Once a word is spoken, it can never be erased...... As Omar's
Rubiat says ......… 

          The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on.
          Nor all thy piety and wit, can lure it back to cancel half a lime.
          Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.
       How True ......

But someone else said "Many a heart is broken by words left unspoken"


                    BIG HEAD AGAIN ?                  20018

      After reading some of my stories here, My sister kept telling me that I should
contribute a story to the Hillcrest Happenings newsletter. So just to satisfy her I picked
a short one and gave it to Cecilia. It was printed in the Dec. Happenings.
      Since then, several kind residents have complimented me and told me that I should
share more stories in the Happenings. I know that they are just telling me that to be
nice. I have lots of stories here that anyone can read but I know that very few Hillcrest
residents have access to the internet. However after thinking it over I was reminded of
something that happened about five years ago.
      I was sharing stories on www.thealzheimerspouse.com during the worst time of my
life and many kind and caring friends there were saying nice things about me and as a
result of this, my head got so big that I could hardly carry it. It seems that the slightest
compliment makes my head grow. I just cannot afford to get the BIG HEAD again. It's
way too heavy for an old man like me to carry around.


             MY  LIFE AT  97                                   2018                   

        I sent this to my friends  at the alzerheimerspouse.com  
       I still visit here every day and relate so much to the sad stories. You were all so
helpful to me when I really needed help. I haven't contributed anything for a long time
and am feeling a little guilty about it. So I'm thinking that maybe I can share a little of
what my life is like now at the age of 97. Maybe it will be meaningful for anyone who
reaches that age.
      Three and a half years ago, after my Dear Helen left me, I was living in a big house
all by myself. Unable to drive anymore and barely able to walk with a cane. My kids
and my neighbors were caring for me. I was still playing around with my computer and
my little website ..... writing stories, making songs, etc. But I was feeling that I was
becoming more and more of a burden on my neighbors and family, and I didn't like that.
      So when my kids got me moved into a little apartment here at Hillcrest, home for
the elderly, I was very thankful. But what a huge change.,,,, It was like a new life.
And I was having a hard time adapting to it. But after some powerful thinking and with
e help of others here, who were in the same boat with me, I figured out how to be
happy again.
      The great philosopher, Aristotle, tells us ...."Happiness is the meaning and purpose
of life. The whole aim and end of human existence "
      I certainly agree. Everything I do or say is somehow related to my happiness. It's
always been that way in the happy life I lived for 97 years. And what made me happy
was thinking I was doing something of value for others.
      Now that I've almost completely lost the ability to do anything of value , I decided
to be thankful for what I can still do. There's a lot of solitaire games that need to be
played, and a lot of music that needs to be listened to, and a lot of stories such as this
that need to be written, and a lot of candy that needs to be eaten, and maybe a few
kind words that need to be spoken.
      I find that I can still be happy and I know that my happiness will be something
of value for my family and friends ..... as their happiness is for me.
      As usual ..... My Alz-Spouse friends had nice things to say about my story and 
give me the BIG-HEAD again ...... Marsha wrote this ...... "George, That is rich. And
lovely, And profound. And worth writing down for posterity. And  of GREAT VALUE to
each of us. Thank you, dear George"..... How big can my head get ? ?


                         LIMERICKS                                     2017

      In this Hillcrest community where I'm living, They recently had a
contest to see who could write the best original limerick. This one, by 
Roger MacDonakd, was not the
winner, but I liked it the best.

          I sat by the Duchess at tea
          An honor you'll surely agree
          But her organs internal
          Made noises infernal
          And everyone thought it was me

      Although I've heard the word "limerick" before, I never knew
exactly what it was .Now ..... after studying these limericks ... I found
out what makes a limerick a limerick.  And this is what I found.
      Each limerick has 5 lines. Lines 1 and 2 and 5 end in the same. 
Lines 3 and 4 end in the same sound. This was the winning Limerick,
by Cecilia Stevens.

         There was a La Verne mom and dad
          Whose children were worried and sad
          Till their folks found the best
          And moved to Hillcrest
          Now the whole family is glad

 I'm so happy that at 97, I can still learn something.
But I'm stuck with this question that I can't get out of my mind.......
"How could anyone come up with the thought of a classy lady who
couldn't quit farting?"


                      HOW DID I DO THAT                    2017

      I recently found a little video on my computer that I must have made a few year
ago when I was using windows 8.1. I really like it. And now, I'm trying to figure out
how I made it and what application I used.
      The video shows the lyrics of my favorite song that I made about me and my
Dear Helen and the words are highlighted as the song plays ..... keeping perfect time.
      I spent a whole day looking through video and music programs, both old and new,
and I can't find anything that comes even close to making a video like this.

      To View it Just click here  …. ONCE WITH LYRICS.

      I'm using windows 10 now and don't have the great windows "Movie Maker"
anymore but I'm going to keep looking for a way to high-light lyrics as a song plays and
when I find the solution, I'll add it here.


                     OLD MEN STORY TELLERS                     2018

     Yesterday Hillcrest hosted a group of students from the University of La Verne who
wanted to hear what us old Veterans and Conscientious Objectors had to say about
what we did during world war two.  I don't know why....... but they insisted that I be
a part of this. I was a little apprehensive about it, but I'm glad I went, because I feel
that I learned something.
     There were about 25 students and eight of us old story tellers seated next to each
other around a large rectangular table in the Hillcrest board-room. Each of us 8 old
guys were instructed to tell about what he did and how he felt about it.
     Well ...... It started out OK, but after about 12 minutes, the first speaker was still
speaking and had to be told to shorten it. The second speaker spoke even longer and
also had to be told. So it was with all eight of us. And this is what I learned.
And I think the university students learned it as well.
                   If you provide an audience to listen to an old man
                   speak about himself ..... He will never shut up .....
      Upon leaving, I told Ryan Harrison, who was in charge of this event,
that I thought he did an excellent job with it in spite of the problems and
said that I was wondering how he was going to handle it.  Ryan told me
that he was wondering the same thing.


                 A  TREASURED  MEMORY                   20018

      I was going through some papers that I found in a folder which was marked
"Best Memories" and found a letter that my niece, Margret Ann, had mailed to Helen
and me eight years ago. At that time, Dear Helen and I were going through the worst
part of her sad dementia trip and I still remember how much that letter meant to us
when we really needed something to hang on to.
      "Hearts are often broken by words left unspoken"           
Dear George and Helen,                                                              April 23,2010 
      I am listening to "GeorgieBoys Greatest Hits #2" and thinking of both of you.
The music is wonderful- especially loved "America the beautiful" by Todd! Listening
to your music makes me realize how fast the years go by.
      All those picnics at Ganesha Park with Uncle Arthur propped against a large tree,
Aunties dressed in festive picnic clothes and carrying casseroles of fried chicken,
Uncles starting fires or hauling the heavy stuff, and all of us cousins racing about,
climbing trees and hollering "Look at me", Grandma and Grandpa "holding court"
and managing to pay attention yo every one of their Grandchildren.
      John made DVDs of 16mm movies that Dad took, and I watched part of my DVDs
and remember how very handsome I thought you were, Uncle George, and I told
myself I'd grow up to marry someone just like you. And I wanted to grow up to be
just like Helen, beautiful with a fantastic figure and a hilarious infectious laugh.
I thought you two were by FAR the most exotic Aunt and Uncle anyone could have.
      I don't think I've ever told you how grateful I was when you came down after
Mom died to offer your support. Without your help and your loan, those days would
have been even more stressful. Now Mom's house belongs to someone else.
Everything has been settled and I sometimes miss the house a lot. I guess I miss
the memories of the house. One of my first memories was of you putting in the
electricity. John and I would race around and collect those nickel-shaped pieces that
were somehow related to your work.
      So today I thought I'd write and tell you how much I admire and appreciate both
of you before much more time passes. You are both very much in my heart and often
in my memories. I just wanted to say I'm so glad you are my Aunt and Uncle.
     Love ...... Marg


                    WILLIAMS STREET ANNEXATION                        2017

      Again, with nothing much to do, I keep going through old papers from
an old file cabinet and found a list of eleven names with address and 
phone numbers that brought back memories of what I think was the
greatest public service that I ever performed. It's been so long ago that I
can barely remember the details but I'm so proud of what I did, that I need
to write a little story about it.      In the early 1950s, The east side of 
Williams St. was in the city of Claremont. But on the west side of Williams,
we were a small unincorporated area in L.A. county, consisting of just six
 residences and some orange groves and vacant land. We had our own 
water system of a well, reservoir, and a supply pipe all the way down to a 
little restaurant which latter became La Paloma.
      The system was not very reliable and kept getting worse. Kinsey 
Roberts did his best to keep it running and I helped him as much as I 
could, but we realized that it was a losing battle. Our only hope was
to get connected to the city of La Verne water supply.
      I contacted the La Verne city manager and after he looked into it,
he told me that we would need to be incorporated into the city. And if 
I could get every property owner to agree and sign the papers they 
would take us. I would also need to get approval from L.A. County for
the annexation.
      Well ....... This was almost too much for my limited abilities but I 
made up my mind to do my best.  I was able to take some time away
from my family and my business and went to the L.A. county offices
in El Monte and found the eleven property owners and was able to 
personally visit each of them to explain the need and have them sign
the annexation papers. 
      After about a year, we not only had reliable water, but they
repaved the street and put in curb and sidewalks. We also got a sewer 
line down the street so we could get rid of our septic tanks and cesspools.
      I was so happy to have been a part of all this.


              WHAT'S NEXT FOR OLD GEORGIE-BOY              2017        

      I had been thinking about writing another story, but was wondering
if maybe I'm overdoing the stories a little. So just for curiosity, I spent
some time and counted all the stories I had put on these pages during
five and a half years. I can hardly believe it, but I counted 292 of them. 
They are all listed on the index. page.    Take a look at it. on the star
screen.   Now ..... I'm thinking that 292 stories is enough, and after some 
more powerful thinking, I decided to see what I could do to improve the 
stories that I had already written. So that's what I'm doing now and I found 
that some of my earliest and best stories really do need to be brought up 
to date. And some of the you-tube links were not working properly. 
      I'm thinking that if I'm having my good name on this website, I should
at least keep it working properly. The website statistics tell me that the
daily average hits are 348, and the daily average visits are 61. I really
don't understand hits and visits.  But who cares? 
      Anyway, whatever I do will not make much difference. I just need
something to do.


                   MY HOSTBABY WEBSITE                                  2017

      I really enjoy playing around with my little HostBaby website and
have always worried about losing it because I forgot to keep up with 
 the payments. They provide an accounts page which lists all of my
charges and a list of all of my payments but
it never made much sense to me.
      Yesterday I summed up the courage to give them a phone call and
surprisingly a guy named Zack promptly answered. I told him my 
problem and he looked up my account and told me that I had a Prepaid
Balance of $711.99 . I asked him what that meant and he said that my 
site was paid up for almost three years.
      Wow ...... I could hardly believe that. I think I was going a lot for all 
the bargain deals they were offering. Anyway .... It looks like the World
Wide Web will have to put up with old GeorgieBoy till he's 100 years old.
 Too bad for the World Wide Web.


                 I SURVIVE ......... my 97tbirthdayh                 2018

      I told my kids that I was not going to have any more birthdays .....
96 of them was enough for me ..... But my kids had other plans and I
did'nt want to interfere. So they piled in on me and we actually had a
great birthday celebration. And now I have enough candy to last me
three years.
    I also recieved happy birthday wishes in email and three messages
on my phone which you can hear if you click the little players.    

                   From  Chuck


               From  Tom and Patty 


              From  David



             A MAN WHO BOOZES                             2017        

          One night in late October,
          When I was far from sober,
          Returning with my load and manly pride,
          My feet began to stutter
          So I lay down in the gutter
          And a pig came by and lay down by my side.
          Then a lady passing by was heard to say:
"         You can tell a man who boozes
          By the company he chooses,"
          The pig got up, and slowly walked away.  

      I recently came across this little poem that I like so much because it reminds
me of my own bygone happy days of many years ago. So naturally, I have to write
a little story about it.
      In our very religious family, drinking alcoholic beverages was unheard of. In spite of
five years in the army where all my buddies tried so hard to get me to go out on the
town with them on payday night, I remained a deadhead. (that's what they called
      Helen and I remained deadheads until we started socializing and RV camping
with our church friends  and Lions Club friends. Our drinking was never a
problem for us. I don't think we overdid it. It was just a lot of fun.  I have so many
happy videos and photos of us with drinks in our hands.
      I still have this little card which some friends sent me after an evening of having
a lot of fun. On the back, it says  .... "We enjoyed you're performance ... hik ...hik ..."        


     Now .... I need to say that my fun days of drinking are long gone. I haven't
touched a drink since I last had one with my Dear Helen .... about ten years ago.


               NITWIT ELECTRIC    How we got that name.                2017

   When I started with electrical contracting. I wanted to find a business
name that had some class, so I chose.....FLY BY NIGHT ELECTRIC...
and had some business cards printed. Since I usually only worked as
a sub-contractor, and for people that knew me well, the name didn't make 
much difference to anybody but I always liked that name.
     Well....This is what happened to my classy name......It was summer
time and I was doing mostly swimming pool wiring for several pool 
builders. I had my son Barney (18yrs) and a family friend Brent (15yrs) 
working for me.  They needed a summer time job and they could do 
pretty well without me with a truck of their own. We were finishing up a
pool in Upland, and at quitting time, they were following me home.
      Town And Country Pools, (a company that we worked for) had asked
me to check out a pool in Claremont for a problem. It was a pool that was
completed earlier on Tulane Rd. We had wired a lot of pools on Tulane Rd.
So I went by there on the way home to check it out. I drove in the driveway 
and to my surprise, Barney and Brent were right behind me. They were 
shirtless with that old beat up truck and I really didn't need them. 
    I have to admit that I had forgotten what the exact problem was with the 
pool but I figured I could just check everything out. As I headed to the pool 
area, a lady came out the rear door and yelled at us "What are you guys 
doing here?" Well, I told her that we were from Town And Country Pools and 
were there to a...a...a ..fix something on her pool, and she yelled back to us
"There is nothing wrong with my pool. Now get  out of here.".......So we did...
    When I got home I received a phone call from Tom Preece with Town And 
Country.  He said that one of their customers, a Mrs. Riley on Tulane Rd.
had called him and chewed him out for sending those stupid Nitwits up 
to her place for no reason whatsoever.
     After considerable thought and anguish, we figured out what happened.
We had gone to 1458 Tulane Rd. instead of 1548 Tulane rd. Like I said,..
We had done a lot of pools on Tulane Rd. After all I really can't blame the 
lady but she certainly did hang a name on us that was there forever.
    The story got around to all the other pool companies and the guys we 
worked with.  From then on we were known as Nitwit Electric. So....I had
to have some more business cards printed,,,,,,,,NITWIT ELECTRIC
formerly FLY BY NIGHT.   Our friends at Town And Country Pools  Had
a magnetic sign made for us to attach to the side of our truck which
displayed our new name..... NITWIT ELECTRIC         Well, we got used to
the name and had a lot of fun with it.  Brent even got us some special
T-shirts made to display our name.


                                      Three  Nit  Wits


                         HELEN GIVES HELL                             2017

         In the old days, when we went to a party or a gathering, I used to
carry around a tiny tape recorder in my shirt pocket just to see what 
it would pick up. I found  this little clip on one of those tapes.
      The tape was an hour long and mostly nothing on it. But I found
two minutes of something that I will treasure for the rest of my life.
I must not have known that it was turned on at the time. Evidently
Helen and I were getting ready to go to some social event, Me in the 
bedroom getting dressed, and Helen in the nearby bathroom putting 
on make up.........This is the real Helen at her best.  
       If you're brave enough  ........ click the player to hear her ..... 



                          PHILOSOPHY                              2017    

      About ten years ago, I received a big heavy book that was mailed
to me by my nephew, Tom Cook, who lives in San Francisco. This little
note came with it.
             George ..... I found this book on my shelf. It appears quite old.
            I have no idea where it came from or how I got it. I realize that
           you are a student of philosophy. I hope you enjoy it....... Tom     



The book ....TREASURY OF PHILOSOPHY ....by Dagbert D. Runes   
        This was a complete surprise to me. I don't even know what
philosophy is. So I looked it up in the dictionary and found .Philosophy 
 "The study of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge,
or values, based on logical reasoning".
      I still didn't know what philosophy is, but I was thinking that if Tom
went to all the trouble to mail this big book to me, I should at least look
into it and maybe I could learn something. 
      I think Dagbert himself was a philosopher and spent his lifetime 
studding the works of over 400 philosophers that he considered the 
greatest of all time. From as far back as 600 BC to the early 1900's. 
He writes a little of what each philosopher i known for and includes 
the best writings of each one.
      The book contains 1280 pages of fine print. It would take me a
lifetime to read all of it. I scanned through the writings of some of the 
well known writers and read all five pages that he gave for my favorite 
guy, "Albert Einstein". I brought this book with me when I moved into 
Hillcrest and still enjoy reading what some of the old philosophers
have to say about the life we are all living. It's so much better than
watching the talking heads on the TV. 
      Dagobert himself was quite a guy. 


              I received this email from two different Old Friends the same day
             and I liked it so much that I printed out a few copies to share with
             my Hillcrest friends. I don't know who wrote it.         

                   OLD FRIENDS                                        2017      

      Old friends are like quilts-they age with you, yet never lose their warmth.    
I have seen too many dear friends leave this world, too soon; before they
understood the great freedom that comes with aging.   
      Whose business is it, if I choose to read, or play on the computer, until 
4 AM, or sleep until noon? I will dance with myself to those wonderful 
tunes of the 50s, 60s & 70s, and if I, at the same time, wish to weep over 
a lost love, 
      I will walk the beach, in a swim suit that is stretched over a bulging body,
and will dive into the waves, with abandon, if I chose to, despite the pitying 
glances from the jet set. They too will get old.    
      I know I am sometimes forgetful. But there again, some of life is just as
well forgotten. And eventually, I remember the important things.    
      Sure, over the years, my heart has been broken. How can your heart not
break, when you lose a loved one, or when a child suffers, or even when
somebody's beloved pet gets hit by a car? But broken hearts are what
gives us strength, and understanding, and compassion.  A heart neve
broken, is pristine, and sterile, and will never know joy of being imperfect.      
     I am so blessed to have lived long enough to have my hair turn gray, 
and to have my youthful laughs be forever etched into deep grooves on
my face. So many have never laughed, and so many have died before
their hair could turn silver.        
      As you get older, it is easier to be positive. You care less about what 
other people think.  I don't question myself anymore. I've even earned the
right to be wrong.       
      So, to answer your question ..... I like being old. It has set me free. 
I like the person I have become. I am not going to live forever, but while 
I am still here, I will not waste time lamenting what could have been, or
worrying about what will be.
      And I shall eat candy every single day (if I feel like it.


                            WE SING                                2017

      As I sit here playing around with my computer, I like to hear a little music
in the background. So I usually play an 18 minute mp3 file of old family singing. 
So now ....... I'm thinking about this 18 minutes of songs and where it came from.
      My lifelong interests seem to have been electricity and music so naturally I
have accumulated a lot of various types of recordings. This 18 minutes of songs
were recorded on a Webster Wire Recorder in the late 194o's. I could play the
guitar a little and Helen and I were having fun with old songs. Sometimes just us,
sometimes with friends ... even baby Barney trying to get into the act.
      Now .... after almost 70 years, I hear the voices of nine family and friends and
I'm wondering if any of them besides my brother, David, and me are still singing.

        Oh .... What beautiful music ....... 


                          HOW AM I DOING ?                   2017

     No matter where I go around here, I'm continually asked this question.
I usually say ...... "I'm doing just fine" without even thinking about it ....
But after giving it a little thought, I would have to say ... "I don't know how
I'm doing. I don't even know what I'm doing. I wish someone would tell me".   


      Again ....... without much to occupy my little brain. I've been meditating
about meditation. A guy named, Ryan Harrison is telling us that meditation is
good for our life and wellness.
      The dictionary tells me that meditation is "continued or extended thought".
Isn't that what I'm doing right now and all the time I'm not sleeping?
     Anyway ...... I agree with Ryan ...... It's good for me because it gives me
something to do. And I think that I've become an excellent meditator.


      About a month ago, As I was just sitting in my big chair, watching the TV
and playing games on my I-pad, a strange dizzy feeling came gradually over me.
Everything I could see was slowly swirling around. This only lasted a few minutes
but a week later, it happened again and now it's occurring almost every day.
      My sister is telling me that I should have it checked out because it may be
something serious. I told her ......"Heck no Mildred ...... I kind of like that feeling,
It's like drinking two martinnis".
      After reading the above story my son, Barney, sent me the following email.
      Dad .......I agree with Mildred. Have that virtigo checked out. The reason is, 
it may cause you to fall down and break your hip. And that is not something you
want at your age. Let me know what they say. 
      Now ..... I'm thinking .... How can I explain this to Mildred and Barney?
Well, I'll try ........ Maybe my favorite little poem will help.

                     Lord, when you see my work is done.
                     Let me not linger on,
                     With failing powers, And weary hours,
                     A workless worker in a world of work,
                     But with a word, Just bid me home,
                    And I will gladly go.
                   Yes gladly I will go.


                      REPUBLICAN  OR  DEMOCRAT                    2017

      I recently found a little story that I had written about ten years ago
and I kind of like it. So now I'm thinking I should put it on my website so
I don't lose it.
      My nephew, Tom, sent me this, "The Fence Test", and asked me what 
I thought about it,I told him I would think about it and get back to him.  I did
quite a lot of thinking about it and wrote this story.

                       THE  FENCE  TEST  ....this is what Tom sent me
      Which side of the fence? If you ever wondered which side of the
fence you sit on, This is a great test.    If a Republican doesn't like guns,
he doesn't buy one. If a Democrat doesn't like guns, he wants all guns 
outlawed. If a Republican is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat.
If a Democrat is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for 
everyone. If a Republican is homosexual, he quietly leads his life. If a
Democrat is homosexual, he demands legislated respect. If a Republican is
down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation. If a Democrat
is down-and-out he wonders who is going to take care of him. If a Republican
doesn't like a talk show host, he switches channels. A Democrat demands 
at those they don't like be shut down. If a Republican is a non-believer,
he doesn't go to church. A Democrat non-believer wants any mention of 
God and religion silenced. If a Republican decides he needs health care,
he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it. If a
Democrat decides he needs health care, he demands that the rest of us
pay for his. If a Republican reads this, he'll forward it so his friends can
have a good laugh. A Democrat will delete it because he's "offended"
         THIS WAS MY RESPONSE...Tom .... You will notice that there are
eight statements here. Comparing Republicans to Democrats. I addressed 
each of them individually as listed below .... Incidentally, I am not a
Republican or a Democrat ..... I like to think that I'm a Humanitarian ......  
  I'm waiting to hear what you think of the way I think.       

1....If a Republican doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one. If a Democrat

doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.
Truth.. Republicans like guns and have guns because they feel threatened by
     almost anything. They do not value other peoples lives. They are just very
     fearful of their own. Democrats want stricter gun control laws as in
     other countries..... Which would save thousands of innocent American lives. 

2 ....If a Republican is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat. If a Democrat is a

     vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.
Truth,, If a Republican is a vegetarian, he isn't a very good Republican because
     Republicans want to be manly and macho and do not care about innocent
     animals that die so people can eat them. If a Democrat is a vegetarian, be is
     happy that no animals have to die just for him and wants all animals that are
     raised for food to be treated humanely.

3 ....If a Republican is homosexual, he quietly leads his life. If a Democrat is
     homosexual, he demands legislated respect.
Truth....There are no homosexual republicans because the homosexual and
     republican values and thinking are the exact opposite of each other.
     Homosexuals want equality for all humans regardless of the genes they are
     born with. Republicans believe if you are born rich, you deserve the best
     and that homosexuality is an abomination because a fairy tale called the
     Bible says so.

4 ... If a Republican is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation. If
     a Democrat is down-and-out he wonders who is going to take care of him.
Truth....Republicans are either born rich or born with the ability to make themselves
     rich, So there are no down-and-out Republicans. If you're down-and-out, you
     may need help from the government to live a decent life, and Republicans
     cannot stand the thought of the government helping the poor. 

5....If a Republican doesn't like a talk show host, he switches channels. A Democrat
     demands that those they don't like be shut down.
Truth....This is a little ridiculous. Inferring that the the Democrats are against free
     speech and the Republicans are all for it. Throughout history you have not seen
     any Republicans holding demonstrations in the streets demanding freedom of
     speech and expression. Right now in congress, it is the Republicans who are
     trying to suppress freedom of information about the CIA, and the Democrats
     want to let everyone know what the CIA is doing.   

6.....If a Republican is a non-believer, he doesn't go to church. A Democrat non-
     believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced.
Truth.....If a Republican is a non-believer, He isn't a good Republican, because
     Republicans want to shove god and Christianity down everyone's throats. If a
     Democrat is a non-believer, he wants equality for non-believers, and believers
     of all the religions of the world, and that what a person believes or doesn't
     believe is none of the governments business.   

7.....If a Republican decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or
     may choose a job that provides it. If a Democrat decides he needs health care,
     he demands that the rest of us pay for his.
Truth.....If a Republican decides he needs health care, No problem, He has plenty of
     money to pay for it. Some Democrats cannot afford health care so they have
     none. And when they get seriously ill from lack of care, it costs the
     government lots of money to care of them. So the government has devised a
     plan to save money by providing Health care for everyone that otherwise can't
     afford it. Republicans are very much against this plan.    

8.....If a Republican reads this, he'll forward it so his friends can have a good laugh.
     A Democrat will delete it because he's "offended".
Truth.....Yes, It's true, If a Republican reads this he will forward it to his friends so
     they can have a good laugh. If a Democrat reads it he will see nothing to laugh
     about. He may do some thinking about it and compare it to the TRUTH.  Then
     send it back where it came from along with the  TRUTH.  


                   VIRGIL'S  VASE                               2017

      Three years ago ...... when I moved into my Hillcrest Apt. home,
I received a gift ..A unique little wooden vase that has given me 
something to wonder about for a long time.


  I could see that it was composed of a bunch of little sticks.
 All glued together to form a circle,  but with such uniform precision. 
I just could not imagine how it was made.
      I was told that a guy named Virgil Welch was known for making 
these vases and recently Virgil and Shirley just happened to move
into the apartment next door to me.  So naturally I had to ask Virgil
about the little vase and he gave me even more thoughts to strain 
my little brain.
      It's all about cutting the sides of the sticks at an angle instead of 
the usual 90 degree square cut.   And to make a perfect circle, the 
angle of the edge (in degrees), times the number of sticks, must equal
180. Virgil's vase used 20 sticks with an edge angle of 9 degrees .
20 X 9 = 180
      Now I'm thinking that if I used 4 sticks with an edge angle of 45
degrees, I would have a square vase ........4 sticks X 45 Degrees = 180 
or 10 sticks with 18 degree edges ........10 sticks X 18 degrees = 180 
or any number of sticks as long as the .....sticks X angle = 180
              Wow !!! ....... I think I've learned something.


                       ONCE .....a song about us                      2017

      Again ....... without much to do. I spend my time going through 
my old computer files and I keep finding stuff that I've created a long 
time ago and I can't imagine how I did it. This little video of the my
song .... ONCE ... is an example of that.
      Of course .... since I can't sing .... I use the computer to put the
words I'm saying in the proper pitch and it's fairly simple to play a 
song within a video and add lyrics as captions. But I can't imagine
how I synchronized the action to high-light the lyrics in perfect
harmony with the music as in this video.
        To view this video ....... Click   HERE


                THE SOUTH BAY DAILY BREEZE               2017

   going through some old papers and found a picture,
cut from a newspaper that brought back memories of long ago.   
     I remember when I was in my mid-teens, living in Redondo Beach,
Ca.....I was a Breeze Boy. There were about 20 of us, and we delivered 
the South Bay Daily Breeze door to door all over town.
     Each day, after school, we would go down to the Breeze building 
and pick up our papers, fold them and tie with rubber bands and 
deliver them on our bicycles. Mr. Martin, a nice older man was in
charge of the Breeze boys and he would sometimes arrange fun
activities for us.
      We got to go swimming, free of charge in the Redondo Beach 
Plunge which was the largest indoor salt-water swimming pool in
the world. Part of it was even heated. Every couple months we got
to go fishing on a boat called the Sea Hawk which operated off 
the Monstead pier. We would also do overnight camping in the
Palos Verdes hills. Mr. Martin Really did a lot for us.
We were like a small boy's club.... The Breeze Boys
     Every Saturday we would visit each customer on our route and 
collect ten cents. Out of the ten cents, we got to keep three cents for
ourselves. I had about 50 customers on my route so I was hauling in
$1,50 per week. My little sister, Ruth, sometimes helped me out, if fact,
she could do it all herself if I was sick.
     I remember one little incident that I have to tell you about. It was
Saturday and Ruthie and I were just starting out doing our collecting.
Our first customer was a shoe shine shop, and we had collected our
first 10 cents. We then went next door to a little bakery shop and spent
the whole 10 cents on two delicious chocolate eclairs. As we were 
eating our eclairs and getting back on our bikes, we heard a car honking 
its horn and looked onto the street and saw our dad and mom driving by.
Poor Ruthie and me....We expected to catch hell for so lavishly spending
money that wasn't even ours. Fortunately, it turned out to be no big deal.

They thought it was funny.......Below is the photo of us carriers as it 
appeared in the South Bay Daily Breeze....Year  1936?.....I'm 15 years
old, the good looking one ......Sixth head from the right side.


      The above group brings to you the smiling faces of your carrier boys.
The list includes: Harry Peterson Jr., George Streit Jr., Frank Oliver, Paul
Curwick, Harlen Deeter, Walte Kaltenbach, Hubert Kaltenbach, William 
Lewis, Frank Blair, Jack Harryman, John Gilner, James Scrensen, John 
Richmond, Joseph Callaghan, Gordon Mead, Clinton Bass, George
Stewart, Richard Bridge, Robert Grigg, Glen Burke, David Samson, Lohn
lotner, Jack Scott,William Meek, Mrs. R M Hudson, Earl Seagers. ....
Mr. Floyd B. Martin, in charge.
       Icidentally,  Harry Peterson Jr, (1st name on list)  was the son of the
Redondo Beach chief of police. George Streit Jr. (2nd name on list) was 
the son of the president of the  Redondo Beach school board. Another 
name on the list that I well remember is William Meek, who was son  of
the owner of Jeffers and Meek Ford dealership where my dad was a 
       I found the Daily Breeze website and just for fun, I sent them an 
email to see if they might be interested in this little story from 86 years
ago. They didn't reply.
      I'm wondering if any of my Breeze Boy buddies are still around.     


                     WHAT  I  DID  YESTERDAY            2017

        I was recently reading some old stories that I had shared with
my internet friends  on .....thealzzheimerspuose.com .... website
about four years ago.   I found a story  I  had written when I was
learning to talk to strangers,  as my Dear Helen always did.
 I really enjoyed reading ti and thought I should share it here.
 It was titled ......... What I Did Yesterday. 
     All by myself.......Just me and the cat........No need to get dressed 
up, I've been wearing what they call pull up pants with elastic waste 
band. For three years I've been wearing two of them, and they were 
getting full of holes so I decided I would go down to the Target store 
all by myself and see what I could do about it......( I believe in 
pushing myself as much as possible to do what I can because if I 
don't do it, I'll soon loose the ability to do it).
       I walk with a cane and it's pretty slow. More like hobbling than 
walking, so it took me a while to hobble back to the men's clothing 
area and on the way, I passed the women's clothing and noticed a 
middle aged lady in an area where the mannequins were all 
displaying sexy lingerie and I said to her, "Wow....I'll bet you would 
really look good in one of those outfits"......She turned to me and 
scornfully said. "Are you trying to flirt with me?" I told her I was 
doing the best I could for a 93 year old man. She laughed and told 
me she was looking there not for herself but as a gift for a friend.
       In the men's clothing section I couldn't believe how many 
different kinds of pants were on display, and I don't think I could 
ever have found what I was looking for without the help of other 
shoppers, Especially a little high-school girl and her boyfriend who 
were looking to find something for him to wear at the school dance.
      In front of me at the check-out stand was a mother and daughter 
with a big heavy box in their cart and they were trying to lift it onto 
the counter. I wanted to help them and told them so, but they took 
one look at me and said, "No thanks". I asked what was in the box 
and they said that it was pots and pans and that the daughter was just 
recently married and starting a home of her own. I told them that I 
had pots and pans galore that I had no use for and they were 
welcome to come by and pick them up. The daughter thanked me 
but said she wanted everything to be new.
      As I was hobbling across the parking lot to my car, a man came 
up alongside me and said something like, "I sure hope I can do as 
well as you when I get to be your age," and then asked me how old I 
was. We talked as he followed me to my car and I found out that he 
was twenty years younger than I and his wife had recently died of 
cancer and that he lived only two blocks from me. He saw that I 
didn't need any help and as he turned to walk away, I called him 
back and told him I had something more to say to him. I basically 
told him this..........
      I'm not going to tell you that you are a kind and caring person 
because you cannot help but already know that. I know that the 
reason you spoke to me was that you thought I might need some 
help. I also know that in spite of loosing your dear wife you are a 
happy guy," Then I gave him my favorite Emerson quote............ 
 "Happiness is a perfume. You cannot pour on others without 
getting some on yourself".

      So that's what I did yesterday.... Through it all I was trying to do 
as my dear Helen always did...........Talk to people........ What did I 
do today?......Not very much but at least I wrote this story...


                            MY FAVORITE POEM                    2017

      At 97 years old. I find myself living in an old body that is almost
completely worn out. I can barely see or hear or walk or even think. 
I'm feeling guilty for taking up space here, when I have nothing to
offer or contribute.  But I have to admit that in spite of my worthless
situation,  I'm still having fun.  And there's a lot of candy around
here that I need to eat.
       I can't remember where I found this little poem but I think it 
describes my situation very well.     

                            Lord, when you see my work is done.
                            Let me not linger on,
                           With failing powers, and weary hours,
                           A workless worker in a world of work,
                           But with a word, Just bid me home,
                           And I will gladly go,
                           Yes gladly I will go.     


              THE SAINT MICHAEL                 2017
              what I remember about it.

      I'm continually amazed at what I find on the internet. I was recently
reading a story relating to World War Two and they mentioned an army 
troop ship called the "Saint Michael".......... I remember that ship because
that was the ship that took our newly formed Signal Company from San
Francisco to Seward, Alaska.     It was what you might expect for a three 
day trip ...... sleeping in stacked bunks in the ship's hold and not much
to do during the day, but one thing happened that I will always remember.
So I have to write this story about it.
     The ships crew had a big German Shepherd dog on board named 
Harry. And Harry was everywhere. He was the ship's mascot and very
     One morning, as we approached Alaska in freezing weather and 
came up on deck to go to the mess hall for breakfast, we heard a 
continual howling sound. We followed the sound to the outer deck
where Harry was in big trouble. Harry was crouched with his head
on the ships steel railing with his tongue frozen to the steel rail.
Some of the ships crew were trying to find a way to free Harry without 
ripping his tongue out. They were tying rags soaked in hot water to the
railing, to melt the ice. This went on for almost two hours. Poor Harry ...
      The howling never ceased. 
     Finally, someone brought an acetaline torch that warmed the railing
and Harry was free. We were all so happy. Everyone wanted to give
Harry a hug and I don't think Harry was effected by this painful
experience.  He was still the happy ships dog.
     As for me and a few of my buddies ..... We missed our breakfast
but we just could not leave Harry in such a mess.        


                          USAT  ST. MICHAEL  1940


                COUNTING SHEEP ..... It works for me.          2017

     When we were little kids, I remember our mom or dad, as they put
us to bed at night, they would tell us a story about the sheep in a field 
who were climbing over a lower place in the fence called a stile. We
were told to imagine these sheep and count them as they climbed over 
this stile one by  one. Counting sheep would put us to sleep.
     Now .... after 97 years .... I realize that I've been doing something
similar to this. Sometimes when I go to bed I have a problem on my
mind that I can't quit thinking about. The only way I can get to sleep is
to force my little brain to think about something else. I take long, deep
breaths ..... and count them.      I have to really concentrate on counting
these long breaths because sometimes my little brain will return to the
problem. When the problem returns, I start a new count and I may have
to restart several times, but I can't remember ever reaching a breath
count as high as ten. If the problem doesn't return within ten counts,
I'm sleeping.
      Another example of how we all find something that works for us.


                  CHEAP LABOR                       2017

      As I was watching some of our old family 8mm movies .... from
the goo old days ..... I came upon this little two minute clip and was
reminded of how I used all the cheap labor I could get when I was
constructing the cement block wall around our happy home.  

To view this video ...... Click  HERE



              UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT ?    2017 

         I'm hearing the news today,  that a well respected and popular CNN 
video producer ..... Anthony Bourdain ...... died from suicide at the age 
of 61 years. It brought to my mind this little story that I wrote a long time ago. 
       I called it     THE  RIGHT  TO  DIE      
       After a long, painful illness, my brother-in-law, John, was terminally
 ill and on his way out. The hospital had called the family and said they
 didn't expect him to live through the night. The family had gathered late
 that night at his bedside to say their last goodbyes and John seemed rather
 happy that it would soon be over. He was all doped up with pain medication
 as he bid them farewell.
     His oldest son, Ted, told me that he went back to the hospital the next
 morning and found that John was still alive. His dad told him he woke up this
 morning and said to myself....."Oh shit....I'm still alive".
     Well.....later that day, John got his wish, but it started me thinking about
 the right to die. I'm sure John would have ended his suffering sooner if he
 could have done so. They call it suicide and there is no law against suicide,
 but John, in his condition at that time, didn't have the where-with-all to do it
 without help. And there is a law against that. They call it assisted suicide.
     I know that some countries around the world, and four of our own states
 have changed their laws in this regard, But what about the rest of us?
 In my own case, My Dear Helen lived with vascular dementia for her last
 eight years but it was in no way painful for her, but if it had been, I
 would have wasted no time in putting an end to it. Making myself a criminal.
 In the case of prisoners who have come to realize the horrible atrocities
 they have committed, and desire nothing more than to just die and have to
 devise devious and ingenious ways to kill themselves in their prison cells,
 the government says no....you can't kill yourself....We have to murder you.
 My great aunt, Thelma, who suffered from incurable cancer for years in a
 nursing home found a way out and just refused to eat or drink, but it took
 almost a week. Good for her, but if you're a criminal, they have a way to
 prevent that.
     Now I'm wondering, am I crazy for thinking we should have a right to die.
 I know we have a right to live. But isn't dying a part of living? Getting
 assistance to live when we want to live is no problem, But how about 
assistance in dying when we want to die?
     No question about it ....... Forcing a person to live can sometimes be
cruel and inhumane punishment. And all because of some ancient
writings   someone found in a cave a long time ago. 


                         JUDY'S CARDS                       2018

      Here at Hillcrest .... Someone named Judy Woodruff will 
occasionally leave a greeting card at my doorstep. I have a 
special place where I keep then and I recently counted 17 of 
these pretty little cards ..... All of them wishing me much
more happiness than a grouchy old man deserves.
      Just for fun ........ I took a photo of them to share here.       


               Hey  Judy ......... How happy do you want me to be ?   


                       THE CAR CHASE                   2017

       I don't spend much of my not so valuable time watching TV. Of course
I need to watch the news a little to know what's going on in this world. And 
occasionally I watch the talking heads giving us their opinion of it all ........
So I need to tell you about what happened yesterday.
      As usual ..... I turned the TV on to watch the news on channel 5 and
they were following a stolen car chase. A helecopter was showing the 
action as it was happening right now. The driver of the stolen car,  while
traveling ninety miles an hour,  was reaching out the window to give
the finger to the helicopter and the cops. It was so crazy and exciting
that I could not quit watching it. 
      This chase went on for two hours with the bad guys switching
cars and several smashups and many narrow misses. The fact that 
it was happening right now, and no telling what would come next,
seemed to demand my full attention like nothing on the TV has ever
done before. Happily, there were no serious injuries and the bad guys
ended up in jail. 
      Channel 5 followed the whole two hour chase with no advertising. 
The best TV show I've ever watched.


























                      End of page ....... Aren't you glad ?