Hillcrest 5 Stories

                    All of these five Hillcrest pages are just stories that
                I've written while at Hillcrest. I counted 48  stories
                on the  Hillcrest 4 page so I should start another page.
                   I've almost quit writing stories since I can't think  of
               anything more to write about. But in case I do write
               more stories,  I'll have a place to put them.


           HAPPY  GEORGIE-BOY     as of Jan.2021

        It's been a long time since I've written any stories, but since I need
 something to do,  I'm going to write one more story so I can bring myself
 and my family and friends up to date on Old, Old, GeorgieBoy.  It seems like
 everyone around here is asking me how I'm doing when actually I don't
 even know what I'm doing.  let alone how I'm doing it.  I wish someone would
 tell me.
       I used to think that old age would be a really tough burden to pass through,
  but now, at 99 years, I would have to say,  It's not so bad.  At least not for me.
   Maybe it has something to do with my nice Hillcrest Home and the kind and
 caring people there, but I think that my attitude that comes with old age is what
 has made my new life a great life worth living.   
      This old worn out body that I'm living in is almost useless.  I can't hear
 enough to carry on a conversation, which makes me a social dead head. 
 I can't see enough to read the captions on the TV so I hardly know what's
 going on in this big wide world.  I am very weak, physically.   Using a little
 walking cart, I walk very slow  and fall down a lot.   
       Now,   For the things that I can still do.  I spend most of my day playing
 with my desk-top computer with all the old videos, photos, stories. games and
 puzzles that I've put there for many years. And I even have a little website 
 (www.georgestreit.net) where I've put my best stuff.  I can communicate
 socially with friends using email.  Even though I need to speak loudly so I
 can hear what I'm saying,  I can let people know I'm still here.  I like to eat
 and I do plenty of that.  Especially candy.  I participate in the exercise class
 every weekday.  I toot my trumpet every day to keep my lip i shape so I can
 play taps at my funeral.  I've developed a routine which includes all of this
 and I faithfully follow it every day.
      I am actually thankful for the virus restrictions of no visitors.  I hate the
 thought of my family and friends feeling sorry for me and wanting to visit me.
  They would only be interrupting my routine.
      No matter what my problem is,  I can be proud of myself for finding a
 way to work around it. And I think I've become an expert at work arounds. 
      Now,  if anyone asks me how I'm doing,  I can give them this little story.

           MY  BLOGS  TO  THE-ALZ-SPOUSE        Dec.2020

        I've mentioned   the "AlZ-Spouse"  website in so many of my
 stories because it was such a big part of my life during my sad dementia
 years with my Dear Helen.   I recently found some blogs that I had
 written to friends on this site and I'm thinking that I should share them
 here.  They may be of interest to you because they show a little about
 what goes on in the hearts and minds of spouse  caregivers during the 
most difficult time of their lives.  
       These were written in the years after Dear Helen had passed and I
 just could not stay away from this site and my friends who were still
 struggling to care for their loved ones.  After reading these stories, 
it seems that after I was done caring for Dear Helen I was caring for
 my caregiving friends.
       I found 11 of these blogs and am sharing them here for you.  Exactly
 word for word.   
Dear  Christene
       I very seldom feel that I have anything to contribute here, but I was
 so touched by your story that I'm going to give it a try.
     At the age of 93, I think I've gone through my share of bad times,
 but the bad times are over now, and I look back on them as just a bad
 dream that never really happened. 
      The one thought that saved me during the bad times was that  
"Adversity builds strength".   So true.  And now I feel like a much
 stronger person for having accepted the challenge and survived.
   . I can tell by your writing, Christine, that you have a good attitude
 and have a lot going for you. You are young and have a great future
 ahead of you. Your boys will remember this and be so proud of their
 mother. And best of all, Christene......You've got grandkids coming
 your way.   The best thing that was ever invented.
      One last thought.   Without bad times, one never appreciates the
 good times.        GeorgieBoy

Dear Florence
       Please don't think you're too old for anyone else. You can never
 tell what the future holds for you. 
       As for myself, at 92 years, I'm having a great time just associating 
with older people like myself,  Both male and female. I get myself out
 there where older people go and concentrate on bringing a little
 happiness to another lonely soul just by sharing stories and conversation.
       It gives me the feeling of self-worth, and that's what makes me
 happy.  You can do the same Florence.
      With love.    GeorgieBoy

Dear Bunny's Lamb 
       You certainly have a great attitude and express it very well. You
 have searched and found the elusive bright side of all this misery.
 You have accepted the situation which cannot be changed and have
 done the next best thing, You changed your attitude.  
       You see your role as caregiver as a challenge and are proud of
 how you are handling it. And you are happy that you can make Jim
       Many great thinkers, down through the ages say that what makes
 all of us happy, is making someone else happy. It sure works with me.
     I really like your post.      GeorgieBoy 

       I know a little about Vascular Dementia because that was what my
 dear Helen was affected with and after finding this website I always felt
 lucky that it was Vascular Dementia instead of Alzheimers because
 Alzheimers can last up to 20 years.
       My dear Helen's life was over in four and a half years after
 diagnosis. She went through the typical dementia stages just like
 alzheimers but it was much faster.
       My thoughts are with you Bobbie. You are a strong and passionate
 caregiver. Look at the bright side. It's not Alzheimers..      

To Jackheim and you wonderful caring girls.
       As I read your posts I am reminded of my own feelings with my
 dear Helen.  At the time, I felt much the same as all of you, but now
 that it's over with I have a clearer picture of what was going on.
       As sad as it seems, I was not caring for my dear Helen, It was only
 her body that I was caring for and dragging around to family events.
 She was no longer on this earth. During that time, I don't think I
 could have excepted that view. She looked so alive and real, But now
 I believe it to be true.
       All I had was her body  Which I still have.  Converted to a box
 of ashes sitting on the kitchen sink.
      Poor Old GeorgieBoy 

       I feel the pain you are going through. As you can see by the * after
 my name, My dear wife has passed and looking back on the dementia
 journey, it just seems like a bad dream. Almost like it never really
       She had vascular dementia which normally is a much shorter trip
 than alzheimers. Also we were older than most caregivers here which
 is another blessing because we had lived the good life, and outlived all
of our best friends.
       So, Jeanie, tell us a little about yourself. Click on accounts and fill
 us in. If your dear husband has Vascular dementia, I can tell you a lot
 about that. Probably more than you want to know.
       I hope this site will do as much for you as it did for me. Continue
 to be brave and you will come out of it OK.         GeorgieBoy

  Dear Joan.                Sept.8,2013
      There's no need to acknowledge this. You have enough to do.
This is the exact amount I was paying to keep my Dear Helen in
a nice nursing home for one day. Since I'm not doing that anymore,
 and I feel indebted to your website, I have to do this once in a while
 just to make me feel good about myself.
      I desperately needed your website while I was going through the
 battle. My dementia problems are gone now, but for some strange
 reason, I can't stay away from your site. The stories are so sad and
 heart-wrenching. Why do I do this?   Possibly I feel a closeness to
 thoes who are still going through what I went through. Maybe I'll
 start a discussion and someone will give me the answer.
      I can't offer you any prayers, Joan, because I'm not religious, but
 I hope the best for you, with all my heart.       George

Hey Joan
       I would like to call you're attention to a positive that you may have
 missed.  We all know that you are a great writer, and we all know that
 great writing requires great thinking.
       As we grow older, especially older like me, We value thinking
 more and more. I'm not very good at it myself.  Also as caregivers 
who have seen thinking vanish in our loved ones, The ability to think
 becomes a treasure worth more than gold.
       There are many great writers and thinkers who contribute to
 this site, but Joan, you are the LEADER OF THE PACK.
       I can't think of anything more positive than that.     

To  katherine
       Your story seems to have triggered some very similar, sad and
 depressing stories from  Elizabeth and Rona.  I can't say that I've
 gone through anything that bad, but during my care giving days there
 were a few times that I just wanted to give up the battle and run away.
  But thoes thoughts never entered my head when I was busy doing
 something that I really needed to do.
       If I was doing anything at all that I thought was of some value to
 someone else,  It gave me a feeling of self-worth and the depression
 was gone.  So everything I did was not only for my Dear Helen, but
 for myself'. And I could actually be happy and proud of myself.
  It was only when I was sitting around doing nothing that I became
       Since my Dear Helen is gone and I'm now living by myself in an
 old folks community I need to keep myself busy doing something of
 value to someone even if it's just attending little activities around
 here and being a friend to someone who needs a friend.
       Anyway Katherine....That's the way I combat depression.         

Dear Mim
       I read your blogs and follow your life situation and then go about
 my own daily routine but I can't quite get you out of my mind.  I
 keep thinking that somewhere there's a wonderful, caring little lady
 with a loving husband who needs help.
       I'm not a religious person but I do believe there's some higher
 power that will respond to our prayers because I've experienced it
 myself,  three times in my life,  and I know that with all the prayer
 going your way,  you and Dan are going to come out of this OK. 
 I just know it.  
       With Love.      GeorgieBoy 

       I've been following this discussion since the start, so now I think
 I'll give you my two cents worth. 
       I am not offering you any advice.  I'm just telling you of my own
 experience about divorce.  When Helen and I were at about the stage
 you are in,  she would not have cared one way or the other about what
 I did,  She would sometimes get all dressed up and get out on the streets
 saying she was going out to get a divorce.
       I think when I was going through this, I was about 15 years older
 than you are, Watchful,  and a divorce never entered my mind, but
 if it did, I would have had no guilt about it whatsoever as long as
my new lady understood that I would never quit loving or caring for
 my Dear Helen.  .And for the new lady that I would choose.  She
 would want it to be that way.
               Your alzheimerspouse friend,   GeorgieBoy

                 SHARING  MY  FIRST  STORY

        Several family friends who visit  my little website  had told me that the
first story on my Happy Stories page was a wonderful story that I should
somehow share with my Hillcrest friends. So without much to do,  I decided
to send this story by email to all 66 of my Hillcrest friends who had their
email addresses listed in the directory.
      The following are some of the email replies I got.  They all had such
nice words for me.  No wonder I've got such a big head

Thank you George!  Beautiful story!     Mary Kay

Such a very precious and sweet story! Thank you for sharing it, George.
those are the kind of memories that keep us going! My computer is in the
shop. I will send you a happy memory story when I get it back. Thanks for
a great idea!      Barbara  Smythe

Hi George - -   Enjoyed reading your story -- you may not have realized it
at the time, but all the life experiences  up to your time in Fresno were
leading up to Helen and all the happy moments after that -- thanks for
sharing!    And congratulations on being 99 -- not everyone can do that!  
           Blessings,  Cecilia Stephens   

Thanks for sharing your touching love story.  I imagine that love has
contributed to your long life?  Congratulations on being a young 99.
       Sharon Wright

George,  Thank you so much for sharing that lovely story with us. Now
John & I are challenged to remember & tell our own stories. 
      Cheerfully,       Karen Stewart

Dear George, That was such a "Happy" Story. I enjoyed reading it so
much. Thanks for sharing and I will try to think of one of my happiest times. 
Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us. Love, Bernice Russi

Dear George .. Mary Kay Ogden shared your recent e-mail with me. 
 What a beautiful story of you and Helen.  Forever close!  You have 
many gifts.   Mary's friend,  Patricia Childress

      This story ,,, "The Happiest Time of My Life" .... is quite long and
I don't want to take up so much space for it on this page,, but it you
 would like to read it ,,,, It's the first story on the HAPPY STORIES page.

       Here's another one for my big head ... From Barbara Smythe.  
Thank you George!  I haven’t read everything on your website, but I
know how very charming you are---not horrible at all!  I am amazed
at your skill with the computer.  You are an inspiration!  Do you know
that 40% of Hillcresters don’t even use the internet?  Amazing, uh?
 You have put the internet to such creative use in your own life, filling
what could be very lonely and bitter hours, into hours of sharing the
joy and happiness in your life with others.  What a great example!
 I love your website! Thank you for sending it to me.
              Warm regards,~Barbara








      My brother-in-law, Chuck, was my closest companion since I moved
into Hillcrest 5 years ago. I hate having to write this story.
     About 2 months ago, Chuck fell down on the side-walk while getting out
of a car and fractured a vertebrae which caused bleeding and later became
infected.  He was treated for a while in Casa Colina Hospital then 
transferred to Hillcrest Woods where he continued to decline with internal 
        On July 1,  I received this email from His daughter, Kathryn.

        Dad did pass away early this morning, at 1am. Around 9:30pm they 
noticed that he was showing some signs of dying so Alan and Robbie and 
I went over and told stories, sang to him, and played some of his favorite 
hymns and songs. He said “together” and seemed to be glad to have us all 
there. Around 12:30 he fell asleep and then his breathing slowly faded away.
He was peaceful and I am so glad that he did not have to linger for a long 
time. In my talking I mentioned you all and he knew how much you loved him. 
Tell a story about him today and he would be pleased. Love, Kathryn.

Below is Chuck's obituary that ran in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin on July 7.  

       CHARLES  ERNEST  DAVIS         Fb.4,1922----July 1,2020

      Charles Ernest Davis was a printer. a conscientious objector,  a
professor of graphic arts management, a business owner and an adult
school teacher.
      He was born in La Verne and graduated from Bonita High School 
in 1941.  He attended La Verne Collage, where he met and married his 
wife of 74 years, Mildred Streit.  During collage he spent 3 years in 
Civilian Public Service as a conscientious objector, where he did forestry
work. During evening hours he hand-set type and printed the work of
several early beat poets also stationed at the camp. 
      His working career evolved around printing.  As a printer at the San 
Dimas Press, a foreman at the San Gabriel Valley Daily Tribune, and as 
printing teacher at Garfield High School, Los Angeles Trade technical 
Collage (36 years), and Los Angeles State Collage.
      At the age of 60 he retired and purchased Windsor Graphics, a 
typesetting and graphics arts photography business which he ran with his
sons, Robby and Alan.  After retirement, he taught a clock repair class 
through Pomona Adult School for 27 tears.  Pat Leung and her son Eric,
long-time students in the class, became dear friends.
      He loved backpacking in the High Sierra, restoring antique clocks,
telling stories, inventing and being a life long learner.  His comprehensive 
research into Japanese schoolhouse clocks was published in the NAWCC
bulletin in 2009.  He lived his philosophy of the simple life, promoting
peace and justice for all, and this was supported by his active membership
in the Church of the Brethren. 
       He was a loving husband to Mildred and a wonderful dad to his children,
Alan (Margret), Kathryn (carl), and Robbie (Libby).  He will be remembered
by grandchildren, Emily, Cassy (Gretl), Jesse (Tessa), Holly (George),
Charlie and Robbie.  He was delighted to welcome great-grandchildren 
Flora, Meadow, and Luca, who will grow up reading his stories.  Those
stories will also be told by his sister Virginia Stark, brothers-in-laws
George Streit and David Streit,  nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.
      A memorial service will be held at a later date.  Memorial gifts may
be made to the La Verne Church of the Brethren (2425 E Street, La Verne,
Ca. 01750)  or the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors
(514 Poplar Street, Columbia, Pa. 17512) 


                I'M  STILL  HERE                         July 2020

      With this crazy virus stuff going on and on, I feel like I should add one
more story so my family... including myself ... will know that I'm still here.
      Of course at almost 99 years, the life I'm living is nowhere near the
life I once lived but I've written other stories about that so I won't get  into
those details,  However I'm feeling that  this social isolation is making
quite a difference in everything I do or don't do.
      Here at Hillcrest. Old Folks Home,  they are lifting some of the virus
restrictions so now I can attend the exercise class on Mon, Wed, and
Friday like I did before the virus hit.  
      It seems like every day is the same for me.  I get ip every morning
and looking in the mirror, I have to laugh at the funny looking guy who's
looking back at me and he's also laughing.  Then I try to figure out what
day of the week it is so I don't miss my exercise class.  
      I actually feel fortunate that I have nothing else that I need to do.
 I just play around with my computer or lap-top all day.  Fixing stuff on my
website,  answering emails,  creating more dumb stories or songs or just
playing games and learning how to win them.  I love to watch all my old
family videos old photos and listen to my dear Helen singing to me.   
     Since I have a  hearing problem and can hardly carry on a
conversation with anyone,   I talk to myself all day long and discuss
everything I do.  And best of all, I can understand agree with every word I say.
      I think this pretty well covers my present situation.  If I think of anything
else  I can add it later.


                  HOW ABOUT GEORGE STREIT ?

      I've written so many stories related to my long time favorite website
....... TheAlzheimersSpouse.com ..... where I once was very active.   Even
though my dear Helen passed away eight years ago, I continue to visit there
but seldom post anything. 
      Joan,  the wonderful girl who created and managed this website for 15
years needs to give it up.  So Bonnie has created a Facebook group  to
replace it, where we caregivers,  old and new,  can continue supporting  
each other. 
      A few days ago I was reading the posts and they were talking about the
new Facebook, group site and wondering if us oldies would be able to find it.
Myrtle wrote "How about George Streit?"  And others were saying that  they
haven't heard from George in a long time.  Wolf, who knew my age, said
he thought George had gone to the great beyond. 
      I knew then, that I needed to say something for George Streit.  So I
sent the following Blog. 
     Since Myrtle and Wolf mentioned my name.  I I feel as though I should
say a few words.  No ..... I haven't gone to the great beyond, although at
99 years maybe I belong there.  Like so many of us old timers I still visit
this site often and feel the sorrow and pain expressed here,  but feel as
though I have nothing of value to offer.
      I am continually amazed at the strength and fortitude of you  regulars
who are going through this as I once did.
...................  Old .... Old ..... GeorgieBoy   
      Wow ..... I really got the feedback.  They were all so happy to know that
I was still kicking.  Bonnie even spent some time setting me up as a member
on the new.... Alzheimer's Spouse Haven ....Facebook site.  So now I can post
there more often and they'll know that I'm still kicking and not in the Great Beyond.



       I've been debating  about whether I shroud write a story about
this.  It's somewhat embarrassing and  maybe in bad taste.  But now
 I'm thinking I have nothing to loose, and when I get to be 110 years 
old, I may like to read about what happened when I was only 98. 
       I don't fall down much and have always been able to  get back
up by crawling over to some furniture and pulling myself up.  But
 this time I was in the shower with no furniture.  Poor Georgieboy.
      I was all wet and soapy and had dropped the bar of soap and
 had fallen while trying to pick it up.  There was nothing to grab
onto to pull myself  up.  I spent a half hour slip sliding around
and couldn't even get up on my hands and knees.  Worse yet. 
I had scratched my arm and it was bleeding.
      Of course there was a little string I could pull to get help, but
I didn't want any of those cute little nurses witnessing a naked old
man in such a condition.  Finally, I was able to  open the shower
door and wiggle myself out onto the bathroom floor and inch by
inch slide over to the toilet and pull myself up onto it.  Doing my
 best to keep the blood from my arm from getting all over the
floor.  I think this crazy struggle lasted almost an hour but I was
proud of myself because I did get myself up.
     What did I learn from this ?   Next time I drop the soap in the
shower,  I'll just leave it there. 



      With nothing to write about, I have not added anything here for quite
a long time, but with this crazy coronavirus stuff going on,  and the big
changes it has made in our lives here at Hillcrest,  I now have something
to say.  I wont get into the boring details of being locked in our places
with no visitors.  but I want the world to know what GeorgieBoy thinks
about  this coronavirus thing. 
     I spent some of my not so valuable time researching it and wrote a little
story about it which I shared with my email friends and got a lot of feedback.
After careful consideration i decided to put it on my website.  It may be a
little controversial but I can't do anything about that.  It's just who I am.   

                  CORONAVIRUS ...... GeorgieBoy's take on it

     Right now, (June,17,2020), the news media is telling us that the total
corona-virus deaths in the U.S. have reached 120,000  I researched the
population of the U.S. and found it to be 329,000,000.   So I divided the
population by the number of deaths and got 2,725.  That means that one
person out of every 2,725 in the U.S. has died from this corona-virus thing.  
     One of every 2,725 people dying ....... I can't believe that our politicians
and the news media have made such a big thing of this ...... I'm guessing
that they just want the publicity. Of course we need to do what we can to
handle it, but it's being way overdone.  The measles, mumps and flues have
been much worse.  I've been reading about the 1918 Spanish flu that killed
fifty million worldwide and killed 675,000 in the U.S.    My mom and dad went
through this.
     To sum it up, I took into my accounting that the U.S. population in 1918
was just 103 million,  So here are the facts. 

        Year 1918 ...675, 000  deaths from the Spanish flu.
                      one death for every 153 Americans
        Year 2020, as of June 17 .... 2,836 deaths from the corona-virus. 
                    one death for every 2,725 Americans

It's been 102 years since the Spanish flu and I'm sure our doctors and
scientists of today can do better than in 1918 if we just let them do it
and keep the politicians out of it.

P S ...... I just thought of a better way to look at this and did a little arithmetic.
From 1918 to 2020, the U.S. population has grown from 103 million to
329 million. 3.2 times larger. So .... that means ... The corona-virus deaths in
2020 would have to equal 675,000 X 3.2 or 2,160,000 to match the Spanish flu
deaths of 1918. I can't believe the corona-virus could kill over two million of us. 


                 TIGER BY THE TAIL   ..........  by GeorgieBoy

      I recently found an Amazon Fire 8 lap top that I was playing around with a
 few years ago and was looking at some of the videos I had put on it.  There
 was one little 30 sec. video of me singing  "Tiger By The Tail"  that I really liked.
    So of course I had to put it on my website so I can view it often and everyone
 can marvel at what a great singer I am ..........







To view this great performance  ... click HERE


                CUTE  CARD  STORY          Dec. 2019

      Since I'm always searching for something to do I need to write this
little story because I finally found something.  It's not much,  but I'm having
some fun with it.
      Several years ago, I found a cute little greeting card somewhere on the
internet. After downloading it I've been playing around with it, modifying it a
little and changing the inscription to suit my purpose.
      I noticed in the Happenings monthly news that  they listed all the resident's
birthdays and anniversaries for each month and just for fun,  I made this little
Happy Birthday card for my friend Lawrey, and left it at his apartment doorstep
on the night before his birthday.             
        I think Lawrey guessed that it came from me because we had shared
our ages. (He's just six months younger than me).  The next time I saw Lawrey,
he thanked me and told me that he really enjoyed the cute little card and I
think it made him happy and I know that it made me happy to hear about it.
      This put me to thinking that maybe I could use these cute little cards to
make  someone else happy and it will give me something to do. So that's what
I've been doing. I use my computer to change the inscription and print them out. 
Then I run around late at night, leaving them at hallway doorsteps. I do this for
residents of Birch, Maple, and Cedar courts and Pinecrest and Village suites for
birthdays or anniversaries or any worthy occasion.  I've been doing this since July.
        I usually use the little gremlin's words.       

                                    I don't want much
                                   I just want (someone) to be
                                   healthy happy and loved
                                 on  (whatever the occasion)

      I Don't think I should put this story on GeorgieBoy's website.  I'm thinking
that it's  more fun and happiness if people who receive these little cards don't
know where they come from and think that there's a cute little gremlin
somewhere in this world who cares for them. So if you happen to read this,
Please don't squeal on me.

              MORE ABOUT THE CUTE CARDS   .... Feb, 4,2020

          Last night as I was delivering a card for Shirlee in Cedar Court. It was about
9 pm and  I was on my little motor scooter,  traveling the main hallway, looking
for her room.  A nurse happened to notice me and asked if she could help me.
 I told her that I was looking for room number 92 and she directed me to it.
        I guess she was curious as to what I was doing there at this hour of the night
so she followed me  and as I was hanging the  card by the door, she said,  
"So you're the one who's been delivering those cute little birthday cards".
 I told her,  " Yes, it's me, but don't blame me. The little gremlin is making me do it
and please don't tell anyone".  
       She then gave me a little hug and told me that I was so sweet to be doing this,
and said, " You never know how much happiness you can create with a few
kind words".  
      I think she's right about this ....... I'm happy to know that I'm so sweet.       

                             OUR UNIVERSE

       I was recently reading about what our scientists are finding out about
the universe we are living in by focusing the Hubble Space Telescope on a little
spot in space where there is nothing visible and leaving it there for ten days ......
recording everything as a video. 
      Since light travels at 186,000 miles a second, after ten days they can see
something far, far away. I don't know how many seconds there are in ten days ....
but if I multiply that number by 186,000, I will know how many miles away they
are looking. And what did they see from that distance ? .....They saw exactly
what we see outside our own Millky-way galaxy ......countless other galaxies. 
      This is way too much for my little brain to comprehend ..... But I can look at
it this way.
              Our Earth is ..........one of 9 planets revolving around our sun.
              Our Sun is ...........one of over 100 billion suns in our galaxy.
              Our Galaxy is .......one of over 1oo billion galaxies in our universe.
      Now .... After considering all the different physical requirements for a
civilization such as ours. I'm thinking that there must be at least one billion other
civilized societies such as ours in this universe. And wouldn't it be nice if we could
know about them and make friends with them.
       Now........ Here is something else that bothers  my poor little brain .......
       Our Scientists have given us this  ........  HISTORY OF OUR UNIVERSE

       Universe created .............................................. 13.7 Billion years ago
     Our Milkey-Way galaxy ... ................................ 12.2   "       "        "
     Our solar system ..... Earth ................................. 4.65  "       "        " 
     Our atmosphere.... water..... rain...... life ........... 4      "       "        "     
      Homo Erectus creatures ................................. 2.5 Million years ago
     Nethanderal Man ............................................. 600,000 Years ago 
     Modern People ................................................. 200,000    "     "
     Nomads, Farmers ............................................... 11,000     "     "
     Cities .....................................................…............ 7,000      "    "
     Kings, Peasants ....................................… ........... 5,000      "    "
     Roman Empire, Greek inventions ............…  ...... 2,500       "    "
     Jesus Christ was Born  ...................................  ... 2,018       "     " 
     GeorgieBoy came to  Hillcrest  ..................…....……  4    "     " 


              WHY  DO  I  REMEMBER  THIS      Jan.30, 2020  

   Recently one of my Hillcrest friends said that something I was doing
was not necessarily necessary and it brought back to me a a crazy memory
of  something that happened 78 years ago.  So naturally I need to write a
story about it.  Why do I remember such minor happenings for 78 years and
can't even remember what I did yesterday ?  
      In the army Signal Corp stationed at Fort Richardson. Alaska,  I had two
helpers with me and we were installing a high-tech communications system
in the office of the Base commander.  He was a high ranking full coronal.
He sat at his desk and we were close by, doing our work and trying to keep
quiet so we didn't disturb him.
      I remember my helpers names ...... Scroble and Wendel.  We were quietly
considering a question about our work and Wendel very seriously said
"I don't think it's necessarily".  .... Scroble and I looked at each other laughed ,
then started discussing about whether it was necessarily or not.  We were
going on and on having fun with the necessarily word when all of a sudden the
Coronel yelled at us from his desk  "OK you guys ... What's so funny?"
      Now .. The strange thing for me is. After 80 years,  Why do I remember
all of this in such great detail ?

                UNCLE  ARTHUR'S  PINECOTTA            Dec. 2019                          

               Uncle Arthur invented this great candy  

      Wow ...... It's hard for me to believe .... but I finally found Uncle Arthur's
Pinecotta recipe.  Sister, Audrey was always after me for it because she knew
that I used to make Pinecatta and  I had spent a lot of time searching for the
recipe.  It's like a Streit family treasure.  Truly a delicious, fruity candy and
another of Uncle Arthur's great contributions for all of us.           


          As handed down to GeorgieBoy
4 1/2 cups apricots (I used canned apricots haves)
1 1/4 cups chopped pineapple
2 1/2 cups chopped walnuts
9 packs gelatin
9 cups sugar
1 3/4 cups pineapple juice

      Soak gelatin  in pineapple juice.

      Drain as much juice as possible from the apricots and pineapple,
then mix with sugar and bring to a slow boil.
      Let boil for about 40 minutes while stirring as necessary ......
Mixture will become thick and turn slightly brown and apricot halves
will become mushy.
      Remove from stove and let cool a little.  Then stir in the chopped
walnuts and soaked gelatin.
      Pour into flat pans (about i/2 inch thick) and let set until it gets
hard enough to cut into squares so it can be rolled in powered sugar.
      Depending on the moisture in the apricots and the boiling time,
I've had to let it set as long as 2 weeks, but with this amount of
gelatin and boiling time, it should set up overnight.

Good luck, but don't eat too much like I do or you'll get a belly ache.


                         SOMETHING  TO  DO                        Nov. 2019  

    I think I've touched on this subject before but after having a really hard
time with it,   I think I have something of value that I can share. 
      I've been here in the Hillcrest old folks community for four years now and
have shared thoughts with others who are in the same boat with me.  It seems
that in our old age we are all looking for just one thing ..... and that is .......
Something to do.  Of course Hillcrest provides plenty of things to entertain us
or keep us busy and some of us can just enjoy visiting and socializing but with
my hearing problem I can't even do that.
         What we are really looking for is something to do that is of value to anyone
else.  Everywhere I go I see my friends going out of their way, trying to help others
or to help Hillcrest help others. The problem is .... that with the old warn out
bodies that we are living in and the feeble little brains that we are left with, we
can do very little. Yet we are continually searching for something that we can do.
It may be just human nature over which we have no control.
      Recently, I stumbled upon the secret solution to this problem. It's a learning
experience. I taught myself how to do nothing at all. It isn't easy and it takes
time. But it worked for me and it's been a blessing.  I just need to keep telling
myself that my purpose in life right now is to please my family and do what they
want me to do which is nothing. I don't feel guilty for doing nothing anymore.
I can just eat and sleep and play around with my computer.  I can actually enjoy
playing games and puzzles and be proud of myself for mastering them. 


             SISTER  AUDREY'S  FUNERAL  SERVICE            Nov.13,2019

     Today was the day of my big sister Audrey's funeral service. A day that took
a long time to get here.  I need to write a little story about it.
      My big sister, Audrey, was one of a kind.  I have never known anyone who
could match her kind, gentile, and lively spirit. I won't get into the details of
this because they would never end.
      She had lived a wonderful life for 99 years.  The first in our family of six
kids. Married to the nicest guy in the world, John Heesen, and raised four boys
of her own with oodles of grand kids and great grand kids. 
      At 98 years I felt very close to her and in our later years we often talked
about all the great times we had while growing up and why we were living so
long and when will it ever end.  We had fun writing our own obituaries and
planning our own funerals.  I remember telling her that I would not be going
to her funeral ....... I had been to enough of them ..... she told me that if I
didn't go to her funeral, she wasn't going to mine.
      In the last few years we were both so deaf that we could hardly carry on
a conversation except for the telephone. We would sometimes talk for a half
hour on the phone. I Know that she was still enjoying her old age life until the
last month or so.  She had a wonderful  caring family that supported her.
      At my Hillcrest exercise this morning two friends asked me why I was there,
and not at my sisters 10AM funeral service so I had to give them a story.
  At noon. my daughter, Terri, phoned me and told me about the service and
how much she enjoyed it  and  meeting so many  old relatives again. 
Everybody was there except old GeorgieBoy.
  Poor GeorgieBoy  .... But I know it would have been too much for him.     
                      Something Else About Big Sister Audrey
  I remember our dad,  In his later years,   telling me About the tough times
our family went through during the depression when his business went bankrupt.
  People were leaving groceries at our door step,  ringing the bell and driving 
away.   And then after we moved to Pomona he almost died in the  tuberculosis 
      Dad told me that we could never have survived without the help of our
church friends and  Big Sister Audrey who cared  for the younger kids.  Feeding
them. dressing them. changing diapers,  doing house work and everything she
could do to take the load off our dear mother 


                             Sister Audrey at 99yrs and GeorgieBoy at 98
                                Do you think we were still having fun ?      


                      VETERAN'S  DAY                         Nov. 2019

     Today (Nov.11) is Veterans Day and I'm reminded of how I became a veteran,
I had just graduated from high school in 1939.  It was summer time and my
parents were after me to get a job and go to work. What a revolting idea! They
were after me every day. I had to get out of town. Lucky for me, I found a way
out. I joined the army
      .I spent four and a half years in the army during world war two ...... doing
my patriotic duty for my country but I have to say that my country and
patriotism were the last things on my mind. I did it all for myself.......
.Isn't that what we all do?
      Out of a signal-cor company of almost 200, stationed in the Aleutians,
  Except for a few old lifetime army guys, everyone was just like me. They
couldn't find anything else to do so they enlisted in the army.  I only knew one
guy that I would consider patriotic. He wanted to go where the action was and
he eventually got himself transferred to I don't know where.
     At my exorcise class this morning , they asked me if I was a veteran and
I told them "yes but I'm not patriotic".  Then I had to tell them what my hero,
Einstein, said , "Patriotism is the measles of mankind .... The cause of all war". 
I've written so many stories about this so I won't get any further into it here.


                    SO  MANY  STORIES                  oct, 2019                     

      I've had my GeorgieBoy's website for over six years now and I've put so
many stories here that I'm thinking that I'm overdoing it.  Recently. I've added
some stories that I  later deleted after reading them here and questioning
their value.   
     I still  enjoy  writing stories.  It gives me something to do in my old age
when I can barely do anything at all.  I also enjoy reading back through these
stories ..... especially the older ones that I can now hardly remember.  It's
like reliving the good old days of the wonderful  life I once lived.
   I am amazed that I counted 279 stories on these 13 story pages.

   I listed them here. 
Happy Stories ..............  6
Helen Stories .............. 18
Dementia Stories ........ 38
Just Stories ................ 26
More Stories .............. 19
Even More ................ 20
Other Stories ............   9
Thoughts .................. 15
Hillcrest 1 ................. 38
Hillcrest 2 ................  57
Hillcrest 3 ................  48
Hillcrest 4 ................  48
Hlllcrest 5 ...............   20
This World ..............  .6      
               TOTAL ... 280  STORIES
      I feel like I need to apologize for taking up space on the 
World Wide Web with some of these not so great stories
 but I have no control over what I write. Its just who I am
 after 98 years and I'm doing my best to share something of
value and still have a little fun doing it..


                       BROOKWOOD                   oct. 2019

      I recirntly came across an article from a Houston Texas newspaper about
a place named Brookwood which my brother David's wife, Yvonne, created
many years ago. It's a story about Brookwood from start to finish and I was
so captivated by it that I made my own version of it so I could put it here.

                               Brookwood Community expands facilities,
                                      Global impact with new building

                   From left are Neal Shudde, David Streit, Vita Goodell, Citizens

             Vicki Streit and Wilson Shudde, Founder Yvonne Streit, CEO Vivian
             Shudde as they pose at the opening of the Yvonne and David Streit
             Education and Enterprise Building in Brookshire on Thursday, Oct. 10.
      What began as a mother’s effort to provide a life of fulfillment for her
daughter with special needs has grown into one of the most successful models
enriching the lives of individuals with special needs across the world.
      For more than 30 years, the Brookwood Community has been a faith-centric
educational, residential and entrepreneurial community for adults with disabilities.
These individuals, called “citizens” work in an educational environment enables
them to have a meaningful job with dignity. Some of the citizens are full-time
residents that live at Brookwood, and others are “day-citizens” who live off
premise but come to the facility each day.
        On Oct. 10, Brookwood dedicated its newest facility, The Stephen C. Beasley
Center for Learning. The new 44,000 square foot building will accommodate 100
new day-citizens. It will also provide space for an educational conference center
where groups from across the globe can visit and learn about Brookwood.
      Brookwood CEO Vivian Shudde estimated that the Center for Learning could
impact as many as 329,700 adults with special needs each year through their
education program. Brookwood’s goal is to welcome at least 70 individuals and
organizations to their Center for Learning Conference each year for the next
two years, and then continue to expand indefinitely after that.
      Shudde added that the new facility will also be available for the public to rent,
which will in turn create a revenue that can be used to provide financial assistance
to citizens who otherwise could not afford to be in the program.
      Brookwood Committee member Tom Wilson acknowledged that Brookwood
is in an important position to positively impact the lives of people with special
needs across the world. “We have a role here at Brookwood to educate the rest
of the world and teach them how this is done,” he said.
      According to Wilson, groups as far away as Taiwan have sought guidance
from Brookwood. “Now we can share ‘The Brookwood Way’ with the rest of the
world,” Wilson said. “We now have a facility that is worthy of the lessons that
we are giving our citizens.”
      Yvonne Streit co-founded Brookwood with her husband, Dave Streit, in the
early 1980s to give her daughter Vicki, an adult with special needs, the
opportunity to have a fulfilling life with dignity.
      At age 92, Yvonne has seen the program grow from her dream of a better
life for her daughter to a global model for enhancing the lives of adults with
special needs.   “Brookwood is now an out-of-the-box program on every
continent in the world ,”she reported.  Brookwood looks to add 41,000
-square-foot expansion to innovative special needs center
      As Yvonne’s daughter and Vicki’s sister, Shudde, too, has seen the growth of
Brookwood, and she’s excited about the new building’s potential to change the world.
      “We’ve been told that our methodologies and the way we view adults with
disabilities is very different from how the world really views them. We celebrate
neurodiversity. We do not believe that they are people that need to be fixed,” she said.
      Now, as a result of the new facility, Brookwood can continue to extend its
methodologies and philosophies across the globe while also enabling more day
-citizens to join the program.   “Brookwood is expanding its impact, both on
campus and to the world,” said Shudde.


                      WHAT  IF  I  NEVER ….               sept. 2019

        Recently I've been spending a lot my time going through the
 old blogs that I had  shared with my alzheimerspouse.com friends
 while I was going through the sad dementia journey with my dear
 Helen. I always composed them in WordPad and they are still
 there in my list of documents.  Reading them brings back all the
 memories of what I went through as my Dear Helen's caregiver.  
      Those stories are like a dream that never really happened and
 as I sit here reading them,  I'm wondering what my life would be
 like right now if I had  chosen to just send her away to a suitable
 rest home and free myself of the horrible  caregiving burden of
 those sad and painful  years.    
     Would I still have the love and respect of my family and
 friends? Would I have a good opinion of myself? Would I still
 be the same happy GeorgieBoy that I am today? 


                         CUBE in CUBE in CUBE          sept. 201

      Barney recently sent me a youtube link to this almost unbelievable creation.
I was completely fascinated by it and have been studying the video of how it
was made.
     The video shows a machinist with some incredible tools taking a little cube
of solid steel and meticulously  grinding out the inside to end up with another
steel cube floating inside it, then grinding out the inside of the second cube and
leaving a third tiny cube floating inside the second cube.  Then he grinds out the
inside of the third tiny cube so that all three cubes are identical except for size.
      It's not only difficult for me to understand how this was made but how could
someone come up with the idea of such an ingenious display of perfect little
cubes floating around inside of each other. 
      I made a little video showing just the steel cube it was made from and the
finished devise. 
                   To view it click    HERE

                    SKIN  CANCER                      sept. 2019  

       I  recently was having a problem with a little spot on my back that would

not heal and would sometimes get blood on the back of my shirt.  I could not
reach it or even take a look at it.  It didn't bother me except for the little blood
spots on my shirt.  I put up with it for a couple months but I finally got up the
courage to visit the clinic and asked the nurse if she could put a waterproof
bandage on it and she did.
      The bandage worked great. I could take a shower with no problem.  But after
ten days it came loose with more bleeding so I visited the clinic again to get
another bandage and Sally,  our campus nurse, took a closer look at it and also
some other spots on my skin,  then she gave me a little lecture about what I
needed to do.  Sally told me, very sternly, that I have skin cancer and I need to
quit playing around with it and go see a doctor without delay.  But she put
another bandage on it and it's still there.
      Well ...... I hadn't seen my doctor for about 20 years and hated to cause
anyone the trouble of hauling ne around for appointments.  After a week I felt
that I should let Sally know how I felt about her suggestion.  So I sent her
thus email.
  Dear Sally .....
      I'm thinking that I should let you know that I appreciate your help with the
wonderful bandages and the information about skin cancer. You are an excellent
nurse.  Doing what nurses do ,,.. which is helping people live longer, happier lives.
      I checked out skin-cancer on the internet and found photos and information
of all the various types and found exactly what I have... (squamous cell carcinoma).
 I talked to family about it and found that all six of us kids have had it to some degree.
       I feel that I've lived a wonderful, happy life which ended eight years ago
when my dear Helen left me and now at the age of 98, I'm ready for what comes next.
Maybe I can be with my dear Helen again. Why should I worry about skin cancer?
       I'm not suicidal and still enjoy my family and friends,  I hope you can
understand how I feel about this because I may still need a bandage now and then.
  I would be happy to pay extra for them..
         I really like this little poem.... .... Don't know who wrote it.
                     Lord, when you see my work is done.
                     Let me not linger on,
                    With failing powers, And weary hours,
                     A workless worker in a world of work,
                     But with a word, Just bid me home,
                    And I will gladly go.
                   Yes gladly I will go.
           I find that I can still be happy and I know that my happiness will be
something of value for my family and friends ..... as their happiness is for me.
                                                                                Old  Old  GeorgieBoy.  

                                    Later ........ Sally told me not to worry about

                                   more bandages.  Everything would be just fine.


                      SWANEE  RIVER                     aug. 2019
     I found this little song  (Way down upon the swanee river)  while going
through some really old recordings that we had made in the 1940s on a Webster
  wire recorder. It's difficult for me to remember that I first used a phono, disk
recorder. I even had one while I was in the army. in Alaska. And then the wire
recorder .... then along came the tape recorder.   And now, of course, everything
is digital Hi-tech.
      There's something about this little song of Dear Helen singing and me on the
guitar that has me captivated.  Of course it's a typical amature recording. but it
sounds so natural to me. It's like reliving our happy early marriage days. 
       I put it on my desk-top computer and play it all day long.  I often wonder if
my Dear Helen ..... wherever she is ..... knows that she is still singing to me.  
       If you would like to hear what I'm talking about ...... Click the player .....



                    HAPPINESS  AGAIN                       aug. 3019

Aristotle said .....  Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life. 
                           The whole aim and end of human existence"
     I think it's the same for every living creature .... even the little roach that
comes out from under the baseboard to smell my foot when I'm sitting on the
pot in my bathroom. I can't help but wonder what it is that makes him happy.
  Does he have a family to care for?  Does he have friends to enjoy?  Has he
ever been in love?
      Those are the things that made me happy throughout my happy life and
I wish the same for the little roach and every living creature.






                      WORDS                                        july. 2019

      Since I usually leave my hallway door open, my Birch Court neighbors will
sometimes drop in for a little visit.  Last evening Nina was doing just that, and
was telling me a little story when she paused ....... then she said. "I can't think
of the words I want to say". 
      This got me thinking about the words I say since I have the same problem.
The words that I say are very important to me because I'm a firm believer in
                   Omar Khayyam's Rubiat.
        The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on.
        Nor all thy piety and wit, can lure it back to cancel half a lime.
        Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.........
       I try to keep this little verse in mind for everything I say or do.  If I say or
do something mean or hurtful to someone, it's in my mind and memory forever.
      In my old age I often say the wrong words and people think I'm crazy and
laugh at me or feel sorry for me.  If I'm writing words .... like I'm doing right now.
  I can think about them and change them to express exactly what I want to say.
But if I'm speaking them,  it's just what happens to be on top of my little brain at
that moment...... Poor GeorgieBoy ...…
      Once while having lunch in the café with my sister, Mary,  She told me that I
was speaking quite loudly.  I told her that because of my hearing problem,  I had
to talk loud so I could hear what I'm saying.
      Now ...... after some powerful thinking about this.  I found the secret way to
keep myself from saying the wrong words ....... I just don't say anything at all.


                      HEARING  AIDS                                 july 2019

     I've written stories about so many things that I think I know a lot about,
so now it's time for Hearing Aids.  I really should know something about them
because I've been using them for 40 years. And now  at age 98, with my left
ear completely dead and my right ear very weak,  I'm still wearing one and
spending a lot of my valuable time playing around with different hearing aids
so I can at least have a small social life here at Hillcrest.
     When I came here four years ago, My kids insisted that I spend some money
and see what the latest technology could do for my hearing loss, So I spent
almost $4,000  with a hearing aid company that had a hearing specialist
conducting programs here at Hillcrest. 
     These  expensive, hi-tech aids were very tiny with tiny little batteries that
were only good for ten hours .... compared to 500 hours for my cheap aids.  They
consisted of one for each ear even though the one for the left ear was just a
microphone to pick up the sound from the left side and a radio transmitter that
sent the sound  to the right ear.  There were no controls whatever on the hearing
aids.  They were programed by radio signals. The hearing expert came to Hillcrest
every two weeks for that purpose.  I used these aids for a year,  trying all the
different settings they were putting in them but they were no better than my
cheap amplifier aids and I got tired replacing batteries and working with this
hearing aid company so I went back to using my cheap amplifier aid.  The hearing
aid professionals say that any hearing device that costs less than a hundred dollars
is not a hearing aid. It is  just an amplifier ..... What a bunch of baloney. 
      In my junk stuff I found some old hearing aids and took a photo of them
so you can see what I'm talking about.
 Even though this cost me four-thousand dollars,  I'm glad that I went through it.
Now I know what money and technology can do for my hearing problem. I know
that this old body that I've been living in for 98 years is almost completely worn out,
 But I'm thankful for the few things I can still do .... Like writing stories such as this.
I still need something to do.
                P.S. I added this later.
      I forgot to mention that I recently found a hearing amplifier on the web that
was far better than any that I had previously tried and it sold for just $29.
It had four volume levels, 500 hour battery life, six ear inserts to fit any ear and
really easy to use. I was so excited about this hearing aid that I ordered six
more of them because I'm thinking some others here at Hillcrest who have
hearing problems like me may be interested in trying one. I know that my friend,
Chuck, wants one.
       Here at Hillctrst, everyone wants to help someone...... I try to do the same.

                   CRANKY  OLD  MAN  STORY                         july 2019

        Here in my Birch Ct. apartment, I've always had a little sign at my
door that reads   "Warning .... Cranky old man inside". 
       Several friends have asked me why I call myself a cranky old man and
I have to tell them how I got that name.  I found a little story that  I had
written about it and gave it to Cecilia and she published it in the Hillcrest
Happenings newsletter.
       Now I'm thinking I should put it on my website ..... so here it is.   

                   The Cranky Old Man      written July 21. 2014
       Last Sunday morning I was shopping at the local supermarket and was
ready to check out. There was only one check stand open out of eight and
there were four customers with full carts ahead of me.  I'm thinking I've
got to do something about this. So I yelled out...pretty loud..."Hey!...We
need to get another check stand opened up....There's a cranky old man
standing in line here with four others ahead of him and the line is barely
moving"...........Well...after that, there was deadly silence....Then I
heard someone say......."We've got one coming".........
.....So another checker did appear and told the lady in front that she was
next. Whereupon I heard the lady say, "Don't you think you should take
care of the cranky old man first?"......Then we all started laughing....
But the amazing thing about this was that nobody seemed angry at me for
my rude behavior.  When you're old, (almost 93), people are very forgiving.
       You can get away with anything.

                    HEAVENLY  MUSIC  ..... for my ears       June 2019

     I can't seem to keep myself from finding files on old hard drives that I
never knew existed. My latest find is a wonderful 8 minute recording of the
Pomona Breakfast Lions Club band ..... where I was a member for 54 years.
      As I've mentioned elsewhere, I've always been crazy about marching bands
and I had a lot to do with this one. At one time we had 15 horn blowers in our
band with a club membership of 60. This recording is of poor quality ...…
Probably done on a little pocket size tape recorder, but it really captures the
lively spirit of our club which we were well known for in other clubs.
       This recording brings back memories of the good old days and recently
I've been listening to it continuously,  while doing games and puzzles on my
laptop. Since I often leave my hallway door open .... people passing in the
hallway are asking about the crazy sounds.  Of course I could edit it and make
it better but I have other good recordings of the band and they are just music
to me. I don't know if any of the old club members are still around but I'm sure
they would enjoy this like I do. I'm adding it here so anyone can play it.
                      Just click the player.












                   SINGING                                June 2019

       I've written stories about everything else. Now it's time for what I have
to say about singing.
       The first singing I can remember was in kindergarten when our teacher
would sing the "Good Morning Dear Children" song and we would sing
"Good Morning Dear Teacher" for her. After that, it was continual glee club
until I had the option to choose orchestra or band.
       Once, when our 4th grade class was singing on the school auditorium
stage for a Thanksgiving day performance. I was in the back row and I couldn't
see over the other heads so I got myself up on a nearby log so I could see and
be seen but the log rolled and down I went with a loud bang. It caused quite
a commotion and interrupted the singing. My parents were embarrassed but
others in the audience thought I had stolen the show. I think it was my best
inging performance ever.
        I don't consider myself a singer and since I became so interested
in what  I could do with music on the computer, I rarely sing anymore.
I've made many songs just saying the words and the computer would give
them perfect pitch and add harmony voices, I can sound like a child or a lady
or a grumpy old man, singing a duet, a trio, or even a chorus.
       I love to listen to my songs and marvel at the intelligence of the writer.
See the Audio Songs page)
___________________________________________  _____
Below ….. are what I consider my three most meaningful songs.
One about me,  one about Dear Helen,  and one about both of us.
f you're brave enough,  You can click on the players to hear them.




This is just a song about myself. 

          There goes Horrible George.
         Oh what a terrible scourge.
         On the day he was born,
         He could blow his own horn,
         But something was never quite right.
          Tho he tried with all of his might,
          And put up a heck of a fight,
          He floundered around .
         And made a big sound,
         But he never did one thing right.

          He was always horribly wrong.
          That is why we're singing this song.
          Never any doubt about it,
          Little children shout about it.
          Right not ever,
          No, no. never,
          He made a mess of his life.
          And deeply embarrassed his wife.
          He thought he was it,
          He never would quit.
            He never did a single thing,
          A ringle dingle jingle thing.
          He never did one thing right.


               YELLIN  HELEN


My friend, Larry, told me that once when he phoned me, Helen
answered the phone and he asked her, "is this Yellin Helen?"
She replied........"Hell no.....This is Hell on Wheels".

          Who's that walking down the street.
          Giving all the boy's a treat.
           Making my hear skip a beat.
          That's my darlin Helen.
          What's that sound so soft and sweet.
          Like a little birdies tweet.
          No it's not a parakeet.
          that's my Helen yellin.
          I can hear her in my sleep.
          That's what makes my life complete.
          She's the apple of my eye.
         She's my pretty butterfly.
          She's my huckleberry pie,
          She's my yellin Helen.t.




I made this song about me and my Dear Helen a long time ago,
but I added the last verse after she left me.   

          Once I held your hand in mine.
          My poor heart was wildly beating.
          Once your kisses so divine.
          Brought me tears of joy repeating.
          Once we danced the whole night thru.
          Having fun with funny brownies.
          We were friends with everyone.
          We were so in love.

          Once we rode the midnight train.
          Knowing not where we were going.
          Once we did it in the rain.
          Winter winds were softly blowing.
          Once we made a family.
          Then we proudly watched it growing.
          We had fun while we were young.
          Now we hve our memories.

          Now she's just a memory.
          She's not here any more.
           Taken by some strange disease.
          Lost on a distant shore.
          Caring for her each and every day.
          It's so hard to believe.
          But I know some day, I'll find a way.
          I'll have my love once more.


             OLD  AGE .....a learning experience        june 2019

       I keep having more thoughts about this crazy life I'm living at the age
of 98 years, and since I have nothing else to do, I'm putting my thoughts into
words and writing another story. I never dreamed that old age would be like
this but actually I shouldn't complain because it's a learning experience and
I've always enjoyed learning something.
     In living so long, I have lost so much, both physically and mentally that
  I am forced to adapt to a new way of life. And since I cannot do anything of
value anymore, I must learn how to do nothing, which I find really difficult
because through-out my life, the only thing that made me happy was thinking
that I was doing something of value. How can I be happy doing nothing?
Aristotle says, "Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole
aim and end of human existence."
      I've been here at Hillcrest almost four years now and I've met a lot of really
nice oldies just like me but we are all so different. Philosophers tell us that each
of us is a product of the different environment and situations we have faced
through-out our lives. The older we get, the more different we get. Because of
this difference and the abilities we have lost due to old age, we have all
developed our own way of living this new life that has been forced on us. The
only trait we still have in common is we still do our best to be of some value.                    


                         MY  NEW  LIFE....  AGAIN               may 2019

       The previous story was all about how us oldies have our own way of living
our old age life and why we are all so different. I like to ask friends here exactly
what they do every day and they ask me the same. So now I think I should just
let everyone know what I do every day. It took me a while to settle on this
routine but it hasn't changed much over the years.
       Everything I do is related to the fact that because of my hearing loss,
I have to stay away from social events because I can't hear well enough to
carry on a conversation and I feel like I'm just taking up space there for no
good reason.
       My main interest where I spend most of my time is learning what I can do
with a computer and the internet. This includes my little website where I put
stories like this, plus a lot of other stuff such as photos, videos and songs that
I've had a lot of fun creating. Then I enjoy going through the things that I put
there many years ago and re-live the good old days.
       I spend time on the wonderful Wikipedia site where I can read great
summaries of anything of interest to me. I have found many little videos that
I liked so much that I downloaded, edited and made my own version of them.
I still toot on my trumpet mouth piece twice a dat to keep my lip in shape so
I can play taps at my funeral. 
       I use  email a lot to keep in touch with family and friends. I  know everything
 that's going on here at Hillcrest through email. I keep in touch by email and web
blogs with friends from far away who were in the same boat with me while I was
caring for Dear Helen.
       I enjoy playing games like solitaire, word games and puzzles on a little
lap-top and find that the more I play them, the better I get. I continually talk
to myself while doing this and give myself hell for a dumb move and a pat on
the back for a great win.
       I seldom watch the Tv, except for the news about the crazy stuff that
Trump is doing. I could never find any of the 260 Hillcrest channels of any
interest to me. I'm not a social hermit. I participate in the exercise in the MSL
three times a week and have lunch with family and friends twice a week. I
leave my door open during most of the day and sometimes my Birch Court
neighbors will come in for a visit.
       After reading this, I realize that almost everything I do is computer stuff
and I still consider myself a computer dummy but I think this is a pretty good
summary of what I do in my old age life. To put it bluntly ...... I'm having fun.


                         EMILY                                 May 2019

      I was recently looking through some documents and data that I had copied
from an old computer hard drive which I was using while caring for Dear Helen
on her sad dementia journey. I had become very attached to a website ....
www.thealzheimerspouse.com  where I got much needed support from other
spouses who were in the same boat with me.
      I had sent youtube links to some of the sad songs that I had made and
Emily sent a link to a little song that she had written and recorded in video.
Of course everyone complimented us on our songs and I thought I should do
the same for Emily. The following is the exact blog that I sent.  
       Dear Emily ......
      I think I should give you my two cents worth about your songs. Your song
"It's Raining" is really great. Both the song and the production. Your voice
is just perfect for that little tune. Quiet and peaceful and you seem to be
 blessed with a sense of perfect pitch. You could be a celebrity!....The format
for the song turned out to be mpeg2/4 which is really not mp3 although it is
very small in size (2MB). Evidently Some Quick-Time players will play it but
mine would not; nor would three other players that I tried. However it was
easy to convert it to MP3 (5MB) with an audio converter.
      Now I want to tell you about your other song "Monster Dinner" which I
found on your Facebook page. The lyrics are very cute and colorful and I think
you altered your voice to fit the song and again you did it well. However I
guess you know that the ukulele  was too loud, I'm guessing that you were using
a little I-phone or video camera which would give you no control over the mix.
       To sum it up, I would have to say that you're as good as any musician that
comes down the pike and I hope you keep on producing. I have both your songs
on my desktop and can play them with just one click...... Incidentally, Emily, quit
knocking your ukulele ability. You're Very good at that.
     With love and good wishes for everybody.....GeorgieBoy


                    To watch Emilie's little video,  Just click ... Emily's Song 


                        THE REAL GEORGE ...... by GeorgieBoy      may 2019

      I hardly write stories anymore but I often come here to read stories written
by the Real George. I think of him as the Real George. He's not around here any
more and I don't know what happened to him.
      I so enjoy reading the stories that he put here and feel like I know everything
about him and his family and the wonderful life he lived. I really admire him and
think of him as an older brother who is doing his best to help me get through this
crazy time of my own life.
       He started this website after his Dear Helen left him eight years ago and I can
hardly believe it but I counted 258 stories that he put here, Plus a whole bunch 
of photos, songs and videos. I've read all 258 stories. Listen to all his songs.
Watched every video. And all of this over and over again.
I'm sure that I'm his biggest fan although I may be the only one ... Who knows?


                       THE AMAZON FIRE 8                   april 2019

  As far as computers go, I've been using a windows 10 desktop for my family
stuff, website, email, and whatever and I enjoy a little I-pad for playing  games
in the easy chair, but in my old age, and needing something to keep my little
brain busy, I've been playing around a lot with different types of computers.
The more I learn about them, the more of a computer dummy I feel like I am.
       A few years ago, I was feeling that some of my Hillcrest friends would
enjoy a little tablet type for playing games or whatever, So I spent some time
researching them and found the Amazon Fire 8 tablet. It was highly rated and
inexpensive. ($79 at Target). I ordered a few of them thinking I could make
myself useful by learning them and passing them off to friends that need
something to play games with.
       Well ..... for a computer Dummy like me, the learning to use it was almost
too much. After two years, I've learned that this little tablet has almost six GB
of memory and can connect to the internet through wi-fi, or to my desktop
computer to transfer files to and from. It contains all the Apps. for playing
music and videos and even has a built-in camera for taking photos or making
videos. Also many great games.
       I knew nothing about a built in camera and just for fun, I spent a lot of
time playing around with it. Never knowing where it was putting  all the photos
and videos that I was accidentally taking while experimenting with it. But I
recently found them ..... 46 crazy photos and 16 videos. Most of the videos
were using the back side lens and showing my lap, totaling over two hours,
taking up a lot of memory. I deleted them all except for one 4sec. video using
the front len s that I liked because it kind of shows what it's like when a
computer Dunny is learning something.  Just click the photo to watch it ……         

                  GeorgieBoy ….  Learning   

      I can't keep from laughing each time I look at this crazy old man.         


























              End of page …… aren't you glad ?