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           HAPPY STORIES   6 stories  
 Happiest time of my life  
What is happiness  
After the passing  
From a long time ago  
My 92nd Birthday  
Happiness and Sammy Randazzo  
           HELEN  STORIES    18 stories  
Hell on Wheels  
Harry Morehead  
Hair up  
Executive decesion maker  
George through dirt  
Dr. Woo  
Oh my god  
How about me  
Wicked Helen  
About Helen  
How Big Were Those Checks  
The fur coat  
Joyce's take on Helen  
Helen gives Hell Song  
Helen saves two marriages  
Maria remembers Dear Helen  
Dear Helen's Obituary  
           DEMENTIA STORIES   38 stories  
First blog  
My present situation  
Letter to Lion's club  
Poop story  
The other George  
My situation update  
A sad story  
Dear Helen is free  
My friend Jim's Tragedy  
My Personal God  
Happy New Year Attitude  
The bright side  
The MRI  
Take me home  
The Purse  
The divorce stage  
The gift of learning  
Happy caregiver  
Ninety-two today  
My journal   
My bathtub trip  
In the good old days  
Early signs of dementia  
To  Katherine  
To Dr. Holstein  
Being Alone  
To Mim  
To Jan K  
To Joan  
To Bobbie  
The Little Doll  
Helen's last Steinmart trip  

          JUST STORIES   27 stories  
The Blue Room  
An amazing act of kindness  
Another act of kindness  
The cranky old man   
The hang dog look   
Doyle Barnel cull packer  
The turkey letters  
Why does it do that  
We tried  
Electricity and me  
Nit Witt Electric  
The right to die  
Note fron an old man  
The canned pumpkin  
Bob's birthday card  
Robert Craig  
Robert Lewis meets Nixon  
The snake  
My three favorite jokes  
Wonderful wonderful  
The handy man  
Daddy daddy  
Willy and Bob's secret  
Bob ... The Winner  
Hillary and Viagra  
My Big Mouth  
           MORE STORIES   16 stories  
Poopers from heaven  
Meat on Friday  
I once was a hero in the army  
Tippy Hedren  
Speed reading  
Lest we forget Milai  
Me and the American Legion  
Billy Wendel's story  
War, the great mixer  
Short stories   
Old cartoon  
Capt. Hooks  
The murder of Osoma Bin Laden  
Football and me  
Letter to big sister  

            EVEN MORE   22 stories  
EST  Training  
Sleeping with EST  
One Bit  
Don't Call 911  
My Kitty  
Kids storues  
Ideal marriage  
Don't just Stand there  
Garbage to trash   
Advise to mother  
Bag pipes  
Bad notes   
My trees  
The Pomona Breakfast Lions club  
The blessing  
Kinsey Roberts  
Take the jewels  
Time to laugh time to cry  
Veterans day  
Hal Watson  
Little boys art class  
         OTHER  STORIES    7  stories  
 A Time to Grieve   
 Turkish Ice Cream Venders  
 Our Universe  
 Who was Emelie DuChatelet ?  
 Great Pyramid  
 Another Great Find  
 Karaloram Highway  
            HILLCREST 1     42  stories  
My new life  
He's my uncle too  
The haircut  
the sign on my door  
Benefits of Getting Old  
The happiest time of my life  
Walking cart instructions  
Mirror light boxes  
Homemade Hillcrest videos   
          Paula's Ball Game  
          Roynan Carolers  
          Hillcrest  Singers 1min  
          Hillcrest Singers  10 min  
          Hillcrest Mens Quartet  
          Mudsprings MockingBirds  1min  
          Mudsprings MockingBirds  3min  

          Cathy and Carl 
          Marna's Keyboards  

What You Can Enjoy in the M. S. Lounge  
Hillcrest resident profiles  
Personal website  
I'm here too  
Horrible George?  
More of Horrible George  
Note from an old man  
In case of fire  
My Hillcrest song  
All American Firecracker Marching Band  
Lions club Sitting Down Marching Band  
Hillcrest sitting down Marching Band  
Maria remembers Dear Helen  
The last to leave  
I think I knew Maury Smeltzer  
What to do with my great CD's ?  
Major Kistler's adventure  
Free Will do we have it?  
              HILLCREST 2    58 stories  
Amazon Fire 8  
Idleness, Playground of the Devil  
Keeping Busy  
What I Hear Befor I Answer  
My weird Birch Ct. Thermostat  
My own Windows Sounds  
Why We Need Religion  
The 4th of July Parade  
The  Finger  
Esmeralda and Romero  
WE Are Mexicans  
We Are Persians  
My Dad  
My Computer Sings To Me  
Hillcrest Residents Watch Parade  
She Said Thank You for Talking  
My Bathroom Friend  
About God's Creatures  
Speed Reading  
Another Dick Todd Story  
How Great Can I Get  
GeorgieBoy Sings  
What I did yesterday  
Favorite Cartoon  
The Elliott Thomas Story  
United Nation by Alan and Margret  
Benefits of Getting Old  
My Favorite Irish Joke  
How GeorgieBoy Creates Music  
GeorgieBoy's Favorite Answers  
Alzheimer's Disease  
The Machine Gunner  
The Jury Summons  
The Gift of learning  
George's Obituary  
Reset Me  
Night and Day Urination  
Martin Luther King Day  
So Simple and so True  
Cross Words and Big Words  
Is this Donald Trump?  
Pleasure VS Happiness  
The trophy wife  
UNO Bars  
Learning to do the laundry  
I also have a dream  
The difference between  Humanitarian and Patriot 
Don't leave early  
Remembering the other George  
What us oldies do  
What's This All About ? .  
Little orphan orangutan  
The Hillcrest Escapees  
            HILLCREST  3    44  stories  
What a good attourney  
Life and Wellness  
The Passover  
Hillcrest Men's Quartet  
Obituaries   Dear Heln's 
AM I a Machine?  
Doo I Really Need This  
How Does She do That?  
Thelma and Myron  
Rare Find - Tiny Letter  
YouTube Links  
My Big Screen Monitor  
What the Heck is Music  
I Have a Dream  
GeorgieBoys Stuff  
The Eagle Cam  
My Little Sister Mary 

Chuck's Story of Mary 
My New Song  
My New Life  
The Same Boat  
Eye Glasses  
Dear Helen's Family Story  
Secret For A Fulfilling Life  
Poor Sergeant O'Neil  
John Phillip Sousa Day  
My Wellness  
Crow  Rescue  
The Monkey Doll  
Walt Arnolld  
Casio Horn  
Wicked Helen  
End of the World  
Great Science by Casey Davis  
More About the Hillcrest Performers  
FaceBook - I'm Here Too  
Letter to the Editor  
Red Eyed Gully Jumpers  
Dear Helen's Birthday  
            HILLCREST  4   42 stories  
The Boy Electrician  
My Popeye Grandson  
Try This Sometime  
My Amazing Friend  
Inflation and Candy Bars  
My Falling Down Performance  
Our Jehovahs friends.  
I Need to Shorten my Lines of Text  
Elder Financial Abuse    
Aristotle's Happiness  
Flow Free Game  
Big Head Again?  
My Life At 97  
How Did I Do That   (Lyrics Video)  
Old Men Story Tellers  
A Treasured Memory  
Williams St. Annexation  
What;s Next for Old GeorgeBoy  
My HostBaby Website  
I Survive My 97th Birthday  
A Man Who Boozes  
Nitwit Electric  
Helen Gives Hell  
Old  Friends  
We  Sing  
How Am I Doing 
Republican or Democrat  
Virgil's Vase  
Once Lyrics Page  
South Bay Daily Breeze  
What I Did Yesterday  
Favorite Poem  
The Saint Mihael  
Counting Sheep  
Cheap Labor  
Preventing Suicide ....Cruel?  
Judy's Cards  
Car  Chase  
              HILLCREST  5       35  Stories 

Happy GeorgieBoy 
My Blogs to the Alzspouse 
 Sharing My First Story 
The passing Wonderful Chuck 
I'm Still Here 
How About George Streit 
GeorgieBoy's Worst Fall Down 
Coronavrus ... GeorgeBoy's Take 
Tigerby the Tail 
Cute Card Story 
More About Cute Cards 
Our Universe 
Why Do I Remember This  
Uncle Arthur's Pinecotta 
Something tTo Due  
Sister Aydrey's Funeral  
Veterans Day  
So many Stories  
What If I Never  
Cube in Cube in Cube  
Skin Cancer  
Swanee River  
Happiness Again  
Hearing Aids   
Cranky Old Man Story  
Heavenly Music  
Old Age  
My  New  Life  Again  
The  Real George  
The Amazon Fire 8  
           SONGS AUDIO   
Horrible George  
Yellin Helen  
Take me Home  
My Mother's Spagetti  
Big Cheese  
Just For Me  
My Garage  
Alzheimers Song  
Doodledee Squat  
Citizen of the Day  
My Day  
Faint Heart  
Ozzy and Me  
Georgie Porgie  
My Faithful Friend  
Wtong Again  
My Dog Has Fleas  
My Hippo  
Todd's Own Creations  
Go Home  
Lions Club Gong  
Real Lion's Club Song  
Lions Sweetheart March  
Frank's Tune  
My March  
My Trumpet  
Backwards Music  
Tune 1  
Sad Melody  
Words Waltz  
Worst Violin  
Do Ray Me  
Todd's Am Beautiful  
Kindergarden Over  
Hellen Gives Hell  
New Years Band  
July 4th Parade  
Anderson Family Band  
Water So Cold  
Truck Message  
My Taps  
My Swanee River  
My Home on Range  
My Edelweise Glide  
Be Kind to Webfotted Friends  
Eber's Church Orchestra  

             THOUGHTS...not up to date  
The Gift of Adversity  
Our great Forfarthers  
What The Heck Is Music ?  
Free Will  
Something To Think About  
Right And Wrong  
Good looks  
Hero or terrorist  
Religion and patriotism  

            QUOTES,,,,, Not up to date  
Happiness Quotes  
Other Quotes  
Richard Cory  
How True  
Merchant of Venice  
Einstein Quotes  
George Ruthie Mildred  
Patriotism Herman Goering  
The Gentlemen's RestRoom Wall 

      AN OLD MAN'S OPINION       

My Favorite Einstein Quotes  
Patriotism...Herman Goering  
Murder of Osama Bin Laden  
Religion...R. Haycock  
By Robert Hansard  
An Old Man's Opinion