When I first started this website, I specifically asked for suggestions about my songs
because I didn't know anything about how they were being received ..... Well ....
n two years, I only received one suggestion. It was from a musician who was   really
trying to help me. His suggestion was..."GeorgieBoy, why don't you just give it up?"
.....Well, I didn't give it up, but I quit asking for suggestions. 

GeorgieBoy made all these songs with the help of his computer and had a lot of fun
doing  it. Since GeotgieBoy can't sing anymore..... He just says the words in a monotone
voice and he can use the computer to transpose them into perfect pitch and even
harmonize them.  He can sound like a child or a grouchy old man, or a group of singers.
So that is what you're hearing in these songs. It's GeorgieBoy's voice. but he's not
singing  ..  You can play them by clicking on the triangle.


            HORRIBLE  GEORGE

This is just a song I made about myself.

There goes Horrible George.
Oh what a terrible scourge. 
On the day he was born,
He could blow his own horn,
But something was never quite right.
Tho he tried with all of his might,
And put up a heck of a fight,
He floundered around .
And made a big sound,
But he never did one thing right.
He was always horribly wrong.
That is why we're singing this song.
Never any doubt about it,
Little children shout about it.
Right not ever,
No no never,
He made a mess of his life.
And deeply embarrassed his wife. 
 He thought he was it,
He never would quit.
He never did a single thing,
A ringle dingle jingle thing.
He never did one thing right.


                             How Horrible can you get ?

          YELLIN  HELEN 

My friend, Larry, told me that once when he phoned me, Helen
answered the phone and he asked her, "is this Yellin Helen?"
She replied........"Hell no.....This is Hell on Wheels".

Who's that walking down the street.......Giving all the boy's a treat
Making my hear skip a beat.........That's my darlin Helen
What's that sound so soft and sweet.....Like a little birdies tweet
No it's not a parakeet ........that's my Helen yellin
I can hear her in my sleep........That's what makes my life complete
She's the apple of my eye........She's my pretty butterfly
She's my huckleberry pie,,,,,,She's my yellin Helen

                               Hell on Wheels


 I made this song about me and my Dear Helen a long time ago,


 Once I held your hand in mine.
My poor heart was wildly beating.
Once your kisses so divine.
Brought me tears of joy repeating.
Once we danced the whole night thru.
Having fun with funny brownies.
We were friends with everyone. 
We were so in love.

Once we rode the midnight train.
Knowing not where we were going.
Once we did it in the rain.
Winter winds were softly blowing.
Once we made a family.
Then we proudly watched it growing.
WE had fun while we were young.
Now we have our memories.

Now she's just a memory.
She's not here any more.
Taken by some strange disease.
Lost on a distant shore.
Caring for her each and every day.
It's so hard to believe.
But I know some day, I'll find a way.
I'll have my love once more.


                The way we once were.........

         TAKE  ME  HOME

          I made this song after my Dear Helen left me.


As I sat by her side in the evening,
I held her frail hand in my own,
I heard her soft voice gently pleading,
Please dear please take me home.

Take me back to my daddy,
Back to the home of my own,
Take me back to my family,
Please dear please take me home.

Over and o'er in my memory,
Turning my poor heart to stone,
But I know that the moment she left me,
At last she had found her way home.

      At last my Dear Helen is home.


       67 years together and she didn't even know me.

             MY  MOTHER'S  SPAGHETTI   

When we were kids, (six of us) We ate a lot of My Mother's Spaghetti,
which was completely different from any other spaghetti on this planet.
We still enjoy it.


There is pop-corn and pea-nuts and pine-app-le pie
and there's straw-ber-ry short cake with cream
There is rich hot fudge sun-dies that mon-ey can buy
and there's fil-let mig-non sup-reme
Gor-met po-ta-toes and - lim-ber-ger cheese
Cad-bur-ry eggs and fine wine made to please
but the food I like most-ly is not one of these


     Our wonderful spaghetti maker........

           BIG  CHEESE

       Another  Song  About  Me       

I can't really help it that I'm such a classy guy.
Everywhere I go I draw a crowd, I don't know why.
People say I handsome and I have to agree.
Everybody likes me. I'm so easy to please.
Give me just a little space and I'll put on a show.
I'm the kind of guy that everybody wants to know.
I don't mean to brag about it. But there is no doubt about it.
I was born to be the big cheese.
               Beautiful  music......
When I get to heaven there may be a little fight.
Cause the guy in charge there, is really not that bright.
I'll just have to let him know. That it's time for him to go.
Cause I've got to be the big cheese.


                    The  Big  Cheese


      A prayer to  my wonderful Corn God.......
     Can you hear THE OLD GREY MARE ?
Lord of all the peo-ple
Shine your light on me
Break the chains that bind me
You can set me free
Hear my sad con-fes-sion
Gen-tly hold my hand
Take my world po-ses-sions
Make me un-der-stand
You can bring the sun-shine
You can make it rain
You can make me hap-py
You can heal my pain


  For me........there's more to this song than just
words and music. I really do believe in magic.
Magic arms enfold me when I'm far from home
Magic thoughts console me when I'm all alone 
I hear magic music in my dreams each night
Angel voices whispering every-things right
Racing years .... Silver tears
I believe in magic
Tender sighs .... Starlit skies
Every things magic in my magic eyes 

        JUST  FOR  ME

Just another song I made about my Dear Helen

Just for me.....She sweetly came into my arms fancy free
Just for me ....She made my life a happy fantasy
Just for me.....She tried to make the world a better place
Yes....My darling.....She did it all for me 

                   MY  CORN  GOD


          A song I made about my wonderful Corn God.
         When he first got into the God business, he was just
          Lord of the corn, but he was so successful that he
          decided to be Lord of All.


     I was the last banana, A hanging on the tree
No body ever wanted, To hang around with me
Then a-long came the Corn God, He gently let me down
He picked me up and turned my life a-round

     I'm a born a-gain Corn Ball, Happy as can be
Cause I love the Corn God, And I know he loves me
For he's the one who guides me And does the best he can
To make me some-thing better, Something better than I am

     All you other gods better watch out, cause the Corn God's got some clout
And he don't like no other gods be-fore him,
He's a mighty powerful guy He's the boss of land and sky,
And he gets mad when people don't adore him     

    I'm a born again Corn Ball, Happy as can be
Cause I love the Corn God, And I know he loves me
For he's the one who guides me, And does the best he can
To make me some thing better, Some-thing better than I am

    He can make you something better, Something better than you am.

           MY  GARAGE 

      This is a true story about my garage. Looking back on it I can't believe
all the great things I made there and how much fun Todd and I had there.
      I played this song for my Dear Helen and I think she actually had a tear
her eye and she said, "Now why did you have to add that sad ending?" 


When I'm tired and weary and all alone
There's a place where my heart wants to be
It's a place where I can do anything I choose to do
And I can do it all in my garage

All my favorite toys are there 
And I know how to use them
And if by chance some worries come along
I know I can loose them
It's just a little dream come true 
Like being in heaven
And I know I have it all in my garage

I can find a lot of treasures there 
I know because I put them there myself
I have parts to fix most anything you bring me
I can make wonderful toys you can play with

Now when my time comes to leave this world
And the great angel takes me away
I have one request that I ask of you
And please remember, to leave my bones in my garage



              Todd and friend in my garage....


This website meant so much for me when I was struggling
through the dementia trip with my Dear Helen, and I still
feel very close and somehow bonded to my friends there.
So naturally I had to write a song about it.........

All alone in my sorrow,............Caring for the one I love,
Where I'm going I don't know,.......Needing guidance from above.
Then one day in my wandering,........I found a place to lead me on.
A place with love and understanding.......The alzheimers spouse dot com.
A place where I could live my memories........Now I know where I belong.
A place where kindness knows no boundaries.....The alzheimers spouse dot com.


      WWayne Ellis..........A friend of mine used to wear a T-shirt that said
" I Know Doodeldee Squat" so I had to make a song about it. 
There's a whole bunch of stuff in this world that I don't know.
Stuff I ain't never seen on the television show.
And then there's the learning I never got,
I know doo-dle-dy squat ... yes I do.
I know his sister and his mother too.
There is one thing for certain that means a lot.
..........Beautiful Music..........
I know doo-dle-dy squat ... yes I do.
I know his sister and his mother too.
There is one thing for certain that means a lot.

                  Doodeldee Wayne 

                      MY NEW SONG

       Recently .... I was going through some really old historical stuff that I had
found in an old filing cabinet and came upon a little poem that I must have
written while I was in the Army. The page was barely readable, but I liked the
words and decided to see if I could make a song out of them.
       I've made so many songs and had a lot of fun with them. Now .... here
at Hillcrest, I have hardly anything to make a song with ...... But with nothing
much to do, I decided to give it a try.
       I gave it a title ..... THE ARMY .... because that's what it's about. It really
is a true story of me and the Army. If you're brave enough you can click the
little player to hear it, Or you can just read the lyrics.

                       THE ARMY

           CITIZEN  OF  THE  DAY


 When my grandson came home from kindergarten with a badge pinned
on him that read "CITIZEN OF THE DAY"  he was so proud of it.
I had to make this song about it.
 Who's the one that brings the sunshine everywhere he goes
Who's the one so kind and thoughtful everybody knows
He can dance and he can sing.....He can do most anything
He's a special person........He's the citizen of the day
Citizen of the day at school......Citizen by the golden rule
Citizen of the human race.......Citizen out to take his place
Citizen when the skys are bright.....Citizen in the darkest night
Citizen now and evermore.......Citizen of the day


      Citizen of the day.......Hard at work.


I wanted to see if I could make a song based on the
 descending scale ,,,,,,,,,Can you hear it ?
Where are the arms, that once held me tight,
Where are the lips, that kissed me good-night.
I paid the cost.  I care-less-ly lost,
the one that I knew, would al-ways be true.

          MY  DAY

Just one more song I had to make
This is my day, my very special day
This is the day my cares will fly away
Sunshine is everywhere, the skies are blue
Everything's mine, now is the time
I'll start life anew

This is the day that I've been waiting for
I will throw all my troubles out the door
I can do anything I choose to do
Everything's right, my future is bright
My dreams have come true

This is my day, I'll live it my way
Now I can play.......
All the day long, I'll sing my song
Yippee Kai Yay......

           FAINT  HEART


 A song about my faint heart.


Faint heart,  I feel you deep inside me
Faint heart,  I know you're there to guide me
Always kind and caring,  All your wisdom sharing
Ever true and faithful,  For your love I'm grateful
In my dreams you're there beside me
Faint heart you're my best friend

          OZZY  AND  ME

Another one after Dear Helen left.........My daughter told me
 "No more sad songs about mom".....I agree with her......
Why dwell on grief when there is so much happiness to be created ?
She was so cheer-full and Hap-py
She loved both Ox-zy and me
She was so joy-full and care-free
We were a fam-ily of three
She was our one and on-ly
She was our fan-ta-sy
Now all we have is a mem-ory
Oz-zy and poor old me


       Ozzy.....6 weeks and 10 years old....

            GEORGIE  PORGIE

A  song and a photo of Georgie Porgie.


I can still remember
When I was just a kid
The little girls came round me
And this is what they did.

Georgie Porgie puddin and pie
Kissed the girls and made them cry
When the boys came out to play
Georgie Porgie ran away

That's the song I used to hear
Ever ringing in my ear
They would tease me every day
That is why I ran away

Georgie Porgie puddin and pie
Kissed the girls and made them cry
When the boys came out to play
George Porgie ran away

Now I sit here old and grey
Dreaming dreems of yesterday
All the girls have long gone by
Now I miss my puddin and pie


  Georgie Porgie  ............... And those pesky little girls



Since Helen left me and I've had a lot of time on my hands, I've been going
through some really old family records and papers.  In an old binder that must
have been my dad's, I found a fragile piece of sheet music.. Completely hand
made.. Did some family member or friend write this song a long time ago ?
I searched the WWW but found nothing............I think it was my mother
who wrote it.  She could play the piano and was good at writing poems. 

When the days are lone-ly and the skys are drear
There's a friend who al-ways has a word of cheer
No-thing is too hard for her to un-der-stand
And to lend a help-ing hand

Mo-ther dear my faith-full friend for-ev-er
No one else can take your place none oth-er ev-er will
Mo-ther dear your love no power can se-ver
Tho the world for-sake me you will be my mo-ther still

In the days of child-hood at my mo-thers knee
Ma-ny help-full les-sons mo-ther taught to me
I could saf-tly trust her in my time of test
Mo-thers ways were al-ways best

Ev-ry time I'm temp-ted some-thing wrong to do
I re-mem-ber mo-ther and her love so true
Ne-ver would I fail her for twould grieve her so
I'll re-pay the debt I owe

Mo-ther dear my faith-full friend for-ev-er
No one else can take your place none oth-er ev-er will
Mo-ther dear your love no power can se-ver
Thow the world for-sake me you will be my mo-ther still


             The fragile sheet music

           WRONG  AGAIN 


 With nothing else to do it's just another song about poor old George.           


Wrong again....I know I'm wrong again
I sit and sigh and wonder why I never win
Once I thought that I could be a shining star
But as the years go by I realize that I have strayed too far
So now and then....I'll sing my song again
And when the day is done
I know that I'll be wrong again

           MY  DOG  HAS  FLEAS

Just another brilliant song.

       MY  HIPPO

And  yet another brilliant song. 


 When Todd was just a little kid,  he learned to do everything I was  doing
and maybe even better. Here are two of his musical creations



                                    Todd ......Making beautiful music      

           GO  HOME

 This is the only song I've made where the singing is not my voice. I used a program
called Texto'LE ( came with SoundBlaster) which created all the sounds of the human
voice.  The vowel sounds,  the consonants, and then would put them in any pitch.
It was a challenge but like so many things in life, the more challenging, the greater
the reward.  So it was fun........Can you imagine what can be done with a computer
program........A human voice can be created just by typing the vowels and consonants
on a keyboard.    And by applying pitch, I can make a song. Actually , The other songs
are all just my monotone voice with the computer putting them in the proper pitch.
I just have to say the words and the computer does the rest.

           LION'S  CLUB  SONG

       Fifty-eight years ago I joined the Pomona Breakfast Lions Club. Frank Ness and
Norm Holtby on the piano and sax provided great music for singing and fun.
Of course it wasn't long before I had to join them with my cornet and then along
came Denis Mayer on on the trombone.  Then Bill Gilmore with the drums and the
band eventually grew to sixteen not so good musicians. We played mostly marches
because they were easy and lively and it seemed to add a lot of spirit to the
meetings and the club became very popular in the district with many visitations
from other clubs.
      I wrote the words for this little song about our club. We would sing it and dance
to the trio of one of our marches. Over the years it became somewhat of a symbol
of our club. As the club grew smaller, the band did also, and when  at my age I could
hardly toot the horn any longer and  had to quit to become a full-time caregiver for
Helen, the band also quit....... This is a computer version of the song with me singing
the best I could

           REAL  LION'S  CLUB  SONG

This is what it really sounded like at club and a photo of the singing dancing band.


People keep asking me where I found this little song but I can't remember where it
came from and we can't find it anywhere. It really fit into the lively spirit of our club
and this is the way we did it.  It's too bad that the band is so loud that you can't hear
the singing but that was always a problem with our band.  Every horn blower wanted
to be heard..


 Let Me Call You Sweetheart......(Computer version)......As the Pomona Breakfast Lions
Club Sitting Down Marching Band tried to play it....... How do you like the ending.........?

          FRANK'S  TUNE

Frank Ness played the piano in our little Lions Club band and whenever there was a dull
moment when nothing was going on he would play this little tune. Over the years I've
heard it a thousand times. Frank's been gone for a long time but this little tune lingers
on in my memory, I've tried to find where it came from or if Frank just made it up.....
Have you ever heard it somewhere  ?....Of course I had to add a little counter melody.


Just another kind of sad sounding song that I couldn't find any words for.

        MY  MARCH
One more march....... I love to make marches.


 One of my first songs where I was learning to slide a note like
 the trombone does.
Sounds like a kind of take off on Bill Baily

             MY  TRUMPET

This is actually me playing the trumpet......But I have to admit
 that I cheated a little.  I recorded it three times and for each note,
I chose the best note of the three. 



 I've always wondered exactly what is it that makes music out of sounds. I have read a
lot about it but I still don't know the answer. Here you can hear the last eight bars of
the song "Over the Waves", then you can hear it played backwards, Exactly note for
note on each of the three parts. What's going on anyway ?


 This is just some little tunes I created that my grandson seemed to like cause
he was always playing them. We called this TF for Todd's favorites.


 More Todd's Favorites

          TUNE  1

 More melodies.

            SAD  MELODY

I like this little melody even though somehow it has a sad feeling to it. It needs
some sad lyrics but I've written enough of those............Actually I did write some
lyrics to this.  I added them to the song  ONCE , also on this page.


 Sounds like another march..........I guess I like to make marches.

          WORDS  WALTZ

 Just another little tune that I dreamed up.

            WORST  VIOLIN

This is me.....Playing the violin.  I'm doing the best that I can do
Nbut People tell me that it sounds like a little kid learning to play.

                    Doing my best.

           ANIMALS .....Sound Fonts


  I'm using sound fonts here. Sound fonts are any sound at all, even noise, and the
computer program will give them any pitch of the scale. Musicians use them for
musical instrument sounds but I like to play around with more unusual sounds.
    Here, I've created some animal sounds.
You might hear a crow or dogs or whatever in this sound font song.

          DO RAY ME ..... Sound Fonts

 With SOUND FONTS, I can record any sounds I choose and play them on a
keyboard or use them in a music program. I am playing this  song you are
hearing on a keyboard......Not singing........

          Todd Sings ... AMRERICA THE BEAUTIFUL

My grandson, Todd, singing  "America the Beautiful" which he learned in first grade.
We recorded four tracks so it sounds like a chorus. As he sings the last tracks he is
listening to the previous tracks and cracking up a little over what he hears. Notice
the last chuckle.

         Todd sings ... KINDERGARDEN  IS  OVER 

This is the very first song Todd learned.


           HELEN  GIVES  HELL

                In the old days, I used to like to carry around a tiny tape recorder in
my shirt pocket when we went to a party or a gathering just to see what it would
pick up. I found this little clip on one of those tapes. The tape was an hour long
and mostly nothing on it.  I must not have known it was turned on at the time.
Evidently Helen and I were getting ready to go to some event, Me in the bedroom
getting dressed, and Helen in the nearby bathroom putting on make up.....
This is the real Helen at her best. 

            NEW  YEARS  BAND

RV camping with friends on New Years eve. We just happened to have a
very dented trumpet and an old trombone so this is what happened.
Some more of my favorite music.......It's Real..........


        Karen, the trumpet player in the red .....
      Of course I'm tootin on the trombone...... 

            JULY  4th  PARADE

I organized marching bands for our La Verne 4th of July parade year after year for
six years.  We always played the "United Nations" march. This is what it sounded like.


         For more photos of our marching bands see the PHOTOS page.
 Or take a look  at the BANDS video on the VIDEOS page.  


       At the Lions Club visitation to Ensenada Mexico, with the Dave Anderson family,
We brought along our musical instruments so we could play for them at the Saturday
night grand ball. We were not invited to play inside the ballroom, so we played outside
in the parking lot. This is a recording of our wonderful music and a photo of us doing it.

            WATER  SO  COLD

 I found this on a reel of wire from a Webster Wire Recorder that I remember
using in the 1940's, before they invented tape recorders. I could play the guitar
and sing a little in those days and I got my two daughters, 5 and 7 years old
to play the cymbals. It sounds like a country and western song that was popular
back then...........I love those cymbals.........

Cymbal players, Terri and Wendy

           TRUCK  MESSAGE 

Radio Shack was selling a little chip that held 20 secs. of audio. I had fun with it
for various projects.   I used one of them to play a little message every time
I started my truck.  Maybe that is why I never had an accident while driving for
over 75 years......The guy who did the last smog inspection told me he heard
god talking to him when he started the engine.....

          MY  TAPS 

Since I was a natural horn blower,  I always got the job as bugler during my first
few months in the Army. It was a gravy job.......No KP or guard duty. I just had to
watch the clock and toot on the bugle now and then.  I always liked Taps......Here
is my own version of it with accompaniment. 

                                  Me as an army bugler.    

          MY  SWANEE  RIVER

I  always loved this song. I'm not singing it. I'm just saying the words and the
computer is putting them in the proper pitch for three part harmony.
It may sound a little automated because I'm using one voice for three parts.


            MY  HOME  ON  THE  RANGE

Another great old song that I'm not singing.  I love to listen
to this soft and peaceful music.  It's so relaxing and restful.

           MY  HYMNS 



When a bunch of our Ohio relatives drove out here in the early fifties,  I just
happened to be playing around creating well known hymns using all horn sounds.
They really liked them so I made a cassette tape for them so that they could
listen to then as they drove back to Ohio. 


I always liked this little waltz .... I think it was written to be played on a piano
and is well known as a piano solo ..... But I thought .... Why not try it with a
few different instruments? ... So that's what I did.....


We used to sing this little song around the Boy Scouts camp fire.


     Eber Street was an elderly member of our church, and never gave up in his
efforts to organize a church orchestra during the late 1930’s and early 40's.
  It was mostly High School kids.  We recorded this on a home made phono recorder.
This one is called “Breezes From The South”  You can hear Eber on the trombone
and me on the trumpet.  Pretty good for a church orchestra.....Don't you think?   
      I can remember these names……..

     Eber Street-----------Trombone
     Virginia Wyatt--------Clarinet
     Doug Rhodewalt--------Clarinet
     Mary Streit-----------Clarinet
     George Streit---------Trumpet
     Ellen Goodekins-------Sax
     Edward Mikesell-------Flute
     David Streit----------Violin
     Mrs. Hindman----------Violin
     Mrs. Jones------------Piano

               I  LIKE  THIS  ONE  


One of the first songs that I made ..... I still like it. 


Navy Hymn by Mary

Eber's Church Orchestra

Horrible George on Violin

 Horrible George and Paul ... singing

Bad Beer Barrel Polka


The Rose .... Beth Midler

Pedro Infante LasMananitas

























                    END  OF  PAGE.........AREN'T  YOU  GLAD ?